Can You Lose Money Matched Betting? Is It Risk Free?

When Matched Betting is done correctly, you can’t lose money.

How is this possible?

By covering EVERY outcome of a game, race, match or other sporting event.

Let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail.

How You Can’t Lose Money Matched Betting

Understanding Outcomes

Take a football match, there are three outcomes that can happen:

If you were to place a normal bet at the bookmaker (i.e. gamble!) on Team A to win, you would be covering only ONE outcome.

The bookmaker would be covering the other outcomes (the draw and Team B to win).

We can merge the two outcomes the bookie is covering (the draw and Team B to win) into ONE outcome – Team A NOT to win.

You would win your bet if Team A won, the bookmaker would win their bet if Team A didn’t win.

You would make money if Team A won, and lose money if they didn't win.

All makes sense so far we hope! 

Covering The Opposite Outcome

At this precise moment in time, you only have one outcome covered – Team A to win.

In Matched Betting though we need to cover ALL the outcomes. How do we do this?

We head over to a betting exchange website, such as Smarkets Betting Exchange.

A betting exchange is a special kind of betting website that allows us to bet on outcomes NOT to happen.

At the betting exchange, we can place what is called a ‘lay bet’ - which is a bet on Team A NOT to win.

You’d win your lay bet if Team A didn’t win, the exchange would win their bet if Team A did win.

You would make money if Team A didn’t win, and lose money if they did win.

Now you’ve covered all outcomes!

If you lose at the bookmaker, you’ll win at the exchange.

If you win at the bookmaker you’ll lose at the exchange.

You won’t win any money, nor will you lose any money.

You can watch a video of these 2 bets being placed and all outcomes being covered as part of your free trial:


What was the point in all this though? Why place these bets but end up no where? 

Well, this is where the fun (and profitable part!) now comes in.

The bookmaker – to thank us for placing a bet with them – gives us a lovely free bet (or bonus) to use.

Yep, that’s get some completely free money to bet at the bookie, without having risked a penny of your own money!

You could at this point just gamble the freebie at the bookie and hope it will win and make you some money...

Or you could be smart, follow our guides and do some more Matched Betting and extract yourself a GUARANTEED PROFIT from the free bet - no matter what happens in the game you bet on!

Ensuring You Profit From A Bookie's Free Bet No Matter What

We can use Matched Betting (covering both sides) on pretty much any free bet given to us by a bookmaker to make ourselves some money.

As long as the strategy is followed correctly, then the amount we make from a free bet is usually anywhere between 75-80% of the total free bet amount.

That means for every £100 of free bets that we unlock for no risk, we can look to make about £75-£80 in cash profit. 

Again - as we cover both sides of the bet (like we did above) - this is what lets us extract the profit no matter what happens in the game, race or another event that we've done the bets on.

There’s £50 of free bets available for you to take advantage of in our free trial - which means there is up to £40 in profit for you to extract.

Follow the videos and you’ll be blown away by how simple it is to profit.


Matched Betting Always Covers Every Outcome - That's Why It's NOT Gambling!

There is one simple rule to follow in Matched Betting. 

Always place multiple bets to cover EVERY outcome that could happen.

In most cases, this is achieved by doing the bet at the bookmaker, and then the exact opposite bet at the betting exchange.

Gamblers (normal bettors, or 'punters') only ever place a bet on ONE specific outcome to happen. They do not cover EVERY outcome.

This is why gambling is considered risky and based on chance and luck.  

By covering every outcome, Matched Betting removes the involvement of risk, chance and luck, as long as it's done properly.

Gamblers do not know if they've made a profit until the game or race they've bet on comes to an end. Only then do they know 100% if their single outcome bet has won or not.

Matched Bettors on the other hand know their exact profit as soon as they've finished placing their bets. They know their exact profit BEFORE the game or race even happens.


Still Concerned You Might Lose Money?

As long as you follow the guides, you can't lose. We've got 1000's of members Matched Betting with us every day. Here's a few of them sharing their experience:

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