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The Dutching Calculator is an amazing tool which allows you to quickly and easily calculate your stakes when dutching your bets.

What Is Dutching?

Dutching is where you cover all the outcomes of an event by placing multiple back bets on different selections of the same event.

For example, you would be dutching if you placed 3 separate bets on a football match. One on Team A to win, one on Team B to win, and one on the Draw.

Why Is This Relevant To Matched Betting?

In Matched Betting, dutching can be a useful alternative to lay betting. For example when Matched Betting on tennis, if the bookmakers' retirement rules do not match up to the rules at the betting exchange, we should look to dutch our bet.

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How Does The Dutching Calculator Work?

The Dutching Calculator will help you work out how much to stake on each selection, in either two-way mode or three-way mode.

Two Way Mode (e.g. tennis)

Two-way mode is useful where there are only two possible outcomes of an event, such as a tennis match (Player A to win vs Player B to win).

You simply enter your back stake and odds for your bookmaker bet, and then enter the odds for the opposing bet at a different bookmaker. The calculator will then tell you exactly how much to bet at the opposing bookmaker, and what your profit or loss will be.

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Three Way Mode (e.g. football)

Alternatively, there is a Three-way mode. This is for when there are three possible outcomes to dutch, such as a football match (Team A to win vs Team B to win vs Draw).

This works in exactly the same way. You enter your back stake and odds for your bookmaker bet, and then enter the odds for the 2 opposing bets at different bookmakers. The calculator will then tell you exactly how much to bet at the opposing bookmakers, and what your overall profit or loss will be.

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Dutching Calculator Features

Simple + Advanced Modes

The Dutching Calculator features a simple mode, where your profit/loss is split equally regardless of which bets win or lose. Or, there is an advanced mode, where you have the option to adjust your bet sizes to achieve breakeven on a certain bet if it wins.

Normal + Free Bet Options

You can choose whether you are placing a normal (qualifying) bet, or using a free bet.

Stake Rounding

Placing bets for odd numbers, like £6.58, at the bookies could look suspicious, so some members choose to round their stakes to whole numbers. The Dutching Calculator features a Stake Rounding option, which allows you to round your bets to the nearest £1, £5 or £10.

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