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Early Payout offers are arguably one of the best types of Matched Betting reload offer available. The football 2up early payout offer, by Bet365 and Paddy Power, in particular has the potential to earn you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds profit.

Our Early Payout (2UP) Calculator, in combination with our expert advice and guides, is an absolutely essential tool if you want to make serious profits from offers like 2up.

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What Is The Early Payout Calculator?

The Early Payout (2up) Calculator is one of our amazing range of advanced Matched Betting calculators.

This calculator allows you to lock-in profit from a bookmaker's early payout offer that has been triggered (e.g. when the team you have bet on going 2 goals ahead in the game).

How Does The Early Payout Calculator Work?

Once your early payout has trigger, open the Early Payout Calculator.

Now enter the details of your initial qualifying bet, and the current exchange back odds.

The Early Payout Calculator will then show you how much to back on your team at the betting exchange. This will allow you to lock-in an equal profit regardless of whether your selection ends up winning or losing.

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Advanced Features

The Early Payout Calculator also features an advanced mode with two extra choices to manually adjust your preferred outcomes.

These are two simple sliders. The first allows you to override the lay stake, useful if you wish to underlay or overlay your bet.

The second is an Early Pay Out Lock-in slider. This allows you to adjust your cash out, so that you only partially cash out your bet. This could allow you to lock in some profit when the early payout triggers, whilst still having the chance to achieve a bigger win should there be a full turnaround.

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