Fast Payout Casinos


14 Sep 2021

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

If you love to play casino and slots for entertainment you want to be absolutely certain you play on an online casino that has a fast payout. Always using fast payout casinos is super easy when you know where to look and what to look for.

What is a fast payout casino?

A fast payout casino is an online casino which can process your withdrawal and have your winnings in your bank account within a 24-hour period.

What is an instant payout casino?

An instant payout casino is an online casino which can process your withdrawal and have your winnings in your bank account within the space of a few hours.

How can you determine if a casino is fast payout or instant payout or neither?

If you're interested in signing up to a particular casino the fastest way to find out how quick their payouts are is to ask their customer services directly on live chat or to email their customer support team. They can then give you a breakdown of their withdrawal processes and which will be the fastest way for you to withdraw your winnings.

Is an e-wallet or debit card best for fast casino payout?

Instant payout casinos each tend to have a particular payment option they use for fast payouts. Some casinos will provide instant payouts via an E-wallet such as Paypal, whilst other casinos will provide instant payouts via debit card.

E-wallets can be a good idea to help maintain responsible gambling practices as they are simple to set up and you can then strictly control how much money you put a side for gambling each month. Using an e-wallet can help you manage your money far better and prevent your gambling losses and winnings getting mixed up with your day to day spending.

Be ware that using an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller on your first deposit with an instant payout casino or a fast payout casino may make you ineligible to receive a welcome or signup bonus with them. Be sure to check the casino terms and conditions or to ask their support via their live chat or email before depositing with an online e-wallet.

What to watch out for with fast payout and instant payout casinos

Before making any first deposit into a fast or instant payout casino be absolutely sure to verify your account with them fully. This will likely involve sending a copy of identification document (drivers' license or passport), a proof of address (utility bill or bank statement), or similar documentation. Once you've done this, as long as you are not in breach of any of the casinos terms and conditions your withdrawals and payouts will be fast and instant.

How to withdraw from a fast payout casino

To withdraw your winnings from a fast payout casino all you need to do is follow these 4 steps:

1) Find the cashier or banking section in the main menu of the casino and choose withdrawal

2) Make a withdrawal request by selecting the method of withdrawal you know to be the fastest, inputting how much you wish to withdraw and then by confirming your request.

3) On your first ever withdrawal, if the details are different from how you made your deposit, you may need to input relevant billing or banking details for your E-wallet or debit card you want the fast payout to go to. With subsequent withdrawals you can usually select the same E-wallet or debit card again and the details will automatically be kept (if you request them to be).

4) Wait for your withdrawal to be processed. Once everything is confirmed you will need to have a little bit of patience. Check out some Fast payout casinos. Any other casino also have to take steps to prevent fraudulent activities. This helps protect everyone's money so having patience whilst they do this is necessary. The good news is that this wait usually occurs only on your first withdrawal or for exceptionally large winnings. Any other payouts will usually occur much faster as necessary checks would have previously been completed.