How to Find New Casino Bonuses


9 Jul 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

You are here because you’ve just started your hunt for a casino bonus. Specifically, you're targeting the perfect mix of them – maybe, a package containing a generous deposit bonus, a handsome welcome bonus, free spins, and several weekly offers. At the back of your mind, nothing could further convince you that online gambling platforms are the way to go. Of course, playing slots and table games online is one of your favourite activities, and you love the thrill and excitement they bring.

And based on your experience playing slots online, new ones, especially those that opened shop recently, are way better to opt for. In fact, it is a no-brainer – they offer great bonuses, unlike those that have been around for years.

But you are eager to find new bonuses and free spins!

It is this hunt for a fantastic casino bonus that’s almost driving you nuts. Oh yes, you wish you could find one handy resource containing exactly what you are looking for – the newest casino bonuses from your favourite online slots and table gaming sites.

Or perhaps, get an overwhelming list of casinos, specifically those which reward with attractive casino bonus offers.

How can you find New Casino Deposit Bonuses?

In the crowded world of online slots and table gaming platforms, online betting experts are everywhere, all hawking their bonuses and promotions. Yet, identifying new bonuses isn’t a one-day affair. It isn’t something you will do in a single sitting.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t do it right, finding a pin in a haystack could prove easier. Savvy bonus hunters usually apply multiple approaches, including scouring the web and getting referrals from social media.

If you are looking to find the best, trustworthy site with new bonuses and free spins, the following could prove useful.

1. Online Casino Bonus Directories

Online casino bonus directories will be your automatic first stop. These useful resources mostly list the hottest bonuses, promo codes and other vital redemption details, along with their respective online casino promotions.

These casino bonus finders come in a plethora of forms. Mostly, you will find one of these sites highlighting a detailed overviews of different types of casino bonuses along with the bonus information of each offer. Some publish the new casino bonus offers accompanied by their respective bonus code and T&Cs.

Then, there are phony, shady platforms that post non-existent bonuses. From afar, you will not be able to tell they are fictitious nor that they are promoting bonuses that do not exist. They will deceptively dupe you into signing up with casinos just for their selfish needs.

Therefore, you need to do your due diligence.

The moment you stumble upon an online platform that reviews online casinos and has a list of the latest generous casino bonuses, a sigh of relief is all you will give. In fact, seeing a promise of instant cash backs, free spins, and redeemable bonus code is enough to get you excited again.

You will think that your search is finally coming to an end, and it is only minutes before you swim in massive bonuses and free spins again.

But not so soon!

To find new bonuses, you actually need to look closely at the platform. And, not just look, but also scrutinize the recommended casinos, each claimed bonus and how genuine it could be. That way, you will find bonuses that are legit and worth redeeming.

2. Google New Casinos

Cast your eyes on new casinos, as they are mostly the ones rolling out baskets of goodies. New casinos were founded a little less than a year ago and haven’t gained traction yet.

It also includes new casinos, such as live casinos in the UK, which could have undergone a complete revamping and have a new face, name, site or pretty much anything new. Most of them use new bonuses as a marketing gimmick intended to entice and attract clients and subsequently earn a name in the market.

Essentially, most newcomer casinos online today set aside enormous budgets and dedicate the entire chunk to bonuses. And, it is out of this that they stand out and woo players, sometimes almost effortlessly. Free spin lovers also know this and always keep their eyes open, checking out which new casino has opened its doors.

Are New Casinos Better for Bonuses?

It is now a trend that new casinos are the ultimate go-to sites amongst casino bonus hunters. Mostly, these new babies offer better deposit bonuses, massive welcome offers and lots of irresistible promos.

They are better for free spins, awesome welcome bonuses, progressive jackpots, and lots of exciting offers. In some, you sign up and instantly earn a decent no-deposit bonus, while others match the first, second, third and sometimes even fourth deposits with huge bonuses.

Interestingly, the same new casinos typically lower their wagering requirements. It’s almost normal for their rollover condition that’s lower than the standard 30x. You land on a £100 welcome bonus with a 10x wagering requirement and non-astringent pay-out requirements.

Guide to Finding Online Casino Bonuses

When selecting a new online casino that rewards great bonuses and free spins, the first thing to consider is the portfolio of goodies it offers. That entails looking at the quality of bonuses, rewards and perhaps even the loyalty program.

The main types of new casino bonuses worth considering

Different casino bonuses are always on offer, and it could be hard for you to choose a platform based on what it offers if you do not have an idea about what it has. Check and see whether it offers the kind of bonuses you would prefer along with a bonus code.

If its quality of sign-up or welcome bonus, free spins upon making the first deposit and other deposit bonuses are worth it, count yourself lucky.

But don’t just do this blindly.

  1. No deposit bonus – mostly issued freely; this bonus does not depend on how much you pay immediately after successfully signing up. In fact, a no-deposit casino bonus usually is automatically given right before you even deposit cash.
  2. Deposit bonus – perhaps the most popular of all welcome bonuses, a deposit bonus is often matched with your initial deposit amount. It could be 100%, 200% or even 50% of the first, second or subsequent amounts. A deposit bonus isn’t cash-only; some come with free spins as well.
  3. Free spins – new casinos mostly entice slot players with free spins. This bonus type can stand on its own or accompany a cash bonus. However, free spin bonuses are always subject to rollover requirements, and cash winnings are converted to cash upon meeting specific requirements.
  4. Weekly bonuses – this includes all those offers that run once a week. They could be Monday Boost bonuses, Tuesday Slots, Friday reloads and so forth. New casinos never lack them and often avail these weekly bonuses to keep their players participating, even when they’ve exhausted their welcome bonuses.
  5. A cashback bonus - one simple new casino bonus type; you get refunded with your lost stake. However, the rebate is given as a bonus and will only be available for cashing out upon meeting specific wagering requirements.
  6. Cryptocurrency bonuses – this bonus is exclusive to casino gambling sites that accept Bitcoin and crypto deposits.
  7. VIP Program – mostly a multi-tier scheme; this bonus type is quite different from the typical ones. Loyalty programs are also unique to their respective platforms, even though they all strive to keep players sticking to the platform for long. Essentially though, VIP Programs reward with a range of benefits pegged on specific tiers.

But be careful when looking for new bonuses. Even though you could have found a brand new online casino with irresistible bonuses, don’t forget to consider how the bonuses are good for your gaming style. Essentially, let the bonus type and amount dictate whether you are going to choose the platform or not.

  • If you love spinning slots online, your primary consideration must be on free spins dedicated to slot lovers like you.
  • If playing Roulette, Poker, Bingo, or Blackjack makes your blood race with excitement, maybe free cash bonuses would be good for you.

However, there’s nothing weird if you find a casino that offers a perfect blend of slots and cash bonuses, especially if you love them both.

Some new casino bonus offers are perfect for high rollers. Such goodies mostly are pegged on how high on deposits you can go, plus whether you are willing to risk the entire fortune on bets.

One other factor worth looking at is the wagering conditions. See, bonuses and free spins allow you to experience the new casino and rate how friendly to play its games. They are incentives that allow risk-free gambling.

You can tell whether the bonus system is well optimized to deliver smooth, easy gaming from how it is strict on the bonuses.

If the rollover requirements are friendly and you can trigger a pay-out after a few rounds, it is certainly a perfect casino.

Consider the casino’s reputation.

Please don’t rush into claiming that bonus, especially when it is from a little-known casino. Maybe it is a shady casino bonus intended to dupe you into making the first deposit. Or, it doesn’t have an operating license or a physical office anywhere in the world.

Therefore, before doing anything at the casino, determine whether the casino is genuine and well worth your time. You can do this by researching the web, social media, and perhaps even at various casino forums to check whether the casino is properly licensed.

But still, even if you discover it is legit with nice casino games, don’t stop there. Go ahead and check whether its new bonuses and free spins are friendly and worth redeeming. You can do this by going through the wagering requirements and also if you can compare them with the industry standard.

It’s ok to get a 30x rollover condition on a welcome bonus. A 20x is still acceptable, but if it is a 5x wagering condition on the first deposit, that alone should be a red flag. A 50x wagering requirement is also suspicious.

Beware of New Casino Bonus Terms

The following are some of the frequently used terms you ought to look out for when reviewing a new online casino.

  • Wagering requirements– this refers to the minimum and maximum amount to be wagered to unlock a special bonus, plus the number of betting times before the winnings are eligible for withdrawal.
  • Free casino bonus – a no-deposit bonus of some sort or pretty much a free incentive. You could say a bonus with no strings attached. Mostly, this bonus comes with easy, relaxed wagering conditions.
  • KYC verification is an industry standard today for all online gambling to verify the identity of their clients. Players have to provide specific details, including their IDs or DLs, proof of payment and residential details. The Know Your Customer processes serve to sanitize the online casino industry from money laundering practices or schemes that fund terror activities.
  • Pay-out percentage – it refers to the chance of winning in a particular online casino game. If the pay-out percentage is higher, perhaps 95% and above, it simply means it is an advantage for you, the player.

How Do Older Casino Bonuses Compare with Their Casino Bonuses?

Of course, it is not enough to only focus on new casinos for bonuses and promos. The ‘Old is Gold’ adage is alive in the online gambling industry as long as older casinos still offer fantastic bonuses.

Legendary casinos are, in fact, among the best to flock to when you desperately need a bonus. Besides carrying the “legit bonuses” tag, these platforms have their excellent reputation already built.

They also have no problem paying up winnings, unlike those still making a name and perhaps a profit. You will win a fortune from their progressive jackpots, cash out a thousand dollars or stake an insane amount and confidently get your profit.

Do older casinos offer a welcome bonus?

Most of them do, although they mostly run their welcome bonus programs once in a while with stringent measures. That means, unlike new casinos whose welcome bonuses are a bit “friendlier” with a guarantee, their older counterparts don’t pay much attention to them.

It’s quite hard to find one of these giant online casinos focusing on welcome bonuses. You may walk the length and breadth of the earth, scour the entire industry and only land a couple of them.

On welcome bonuses, therefore, always stake on new casinos.

Do they also offer a No-deposit bonus?

They do, even though stringent multi-step review processes always accompany theirs. See, a no-deposit bonus essentially is intended to attract new players and let them test the platform risk-free.

Established casinos do not have to go to these lengths to attract new clients. They do not see a need to entice with no-deposit bonuses and only bank on their excellent reputation. That’s why, unlike new online gambling websites, this bonus type is rare among them.

Free spins: older vs. new casinos

Free spin bonuses are every slot lover’s favourite. And they mostly do all they can to redeem a bonus promising a decent amount of them, including hunting for casinos offering free spins.

However, while giant casinos run Free Spin bonuses online, theirs are usually subject to specific caveats. Each batch of free spins could either be specific to a particular slot or a specific gaming vendor. And this is their only main downside.

Looking at free spins offered by young online gambling platforms, which you can check out at Free Spins offers for 2021, they usually come in generous amounts. You could pay £100 and earn 100 free spins that come without strict conditions. Spins issued by new casinos also do feature friendly T&Cs.

Cashback bonuses: new casinos vs. old casinos

As a newbie player who probably has little experience playing online Roulette, Blackjack or Poker, there’s a high chance that you are going to lose cash. And losing cash could mean quitting the casino altogether.

Thankfully, there are cashback bonuses.

Cashback bonuses on new casinos are quite generous and come with no stringent conditions. You could find one shelling them out daily, weekly or bi-weekly at decent percentages – 20% or 30%.

Old casinos never really run lucrative cashback bonus programs. Some do them less frequently, and even when they run, heap strict wagering conditions or lower the percentage.

General comparison: older casino bonuses vs. new casinos

Other bonuses worth looking at include reloading bonuses and VIP loyalty programs. Reload bonuses mostly run weekly and reward great match goodies, including massive cash and spins.

Loyalty programs are also on almost every online casino today. However, much as they differ from one casino to another, it is their actual bonuses and their strictness on wagering that matter more.

And you will find that most new casinos run weekly reload bonus programs that offer great goodies.

Now you know how to find new casino bonuses

You can head over to Google and search the newest ones offering attractive bonuses. Or, simply use a casino bonus offers comparison websites.

However, don’t forget to carry out due diligence before placing bets. Consider the reputation of the new casino, the quality of its UI and whether it is licensed or not. Furthermore, pick the platform only if it is legally mandated to offer gambling services in your jurisdiction.

Remember, if you deposit cash on a casino that isn’t licensed to offer online casino games in your country, no bonuses will come your way. And worse yet, if they make your money disappear, nobody will be there to compel them to pay them back.

A Far Better Alternative to Finding & Profiting from Casino Bonuses

In Matched Betting, we know not all casino bonuses are made equal.

There are good bonuses and bad bonuses.

Which in Matched Betting terminology are referred to as positive expected value (+EV) bonuses and negative expected value bonuses (-EV).

Good bonuses (+EV bonuses), on average, move the edge in your favour rather than the casinos.

Therefore, if you only ever stick to doing good (+EV) bonuses when playing casino, you put that edge in your favour continuously.

Effectively you flip the casinos own profit strategy back at them - meaning you rather than them end up in profit over the long-term.

How good a bonus is, or how +EV a bonus is, is determined by a number of factors - from the amount of the bonus all the way through to the specific games or slots it can be used on.

Good (+EV) casino bonuses are not easy to identify or find unless you really know what you're doing and are very good at math, statistics and probability too.

This is where our Diamond Membership at Profit Accumulator can help you. Not only do we teach you how to profit from casino bonuses using our +EV strategy - but we also find and list every good (+EV) casino bonus for you. All you need to do to profit is then follow our simple guides for every good (+EV) bonus we find.

Want to learn more? See: Matched Betting Casino Offers Explained in a Nutshell.