Matched Betting Bankrolls - Everything you Need to Know


12 Jun 2020

Updated: 19 Jan 2024

What is a Matched Betting bankroll/cash float?

A matched betting bankroll (also referred to as a cash float by some) is a set amount of money we use for placing our bets at the bookmakers and exchanges when matched betting.

For any beginner there are three important things you need to know about bankrolls in matched betting:

1) When following our guides you can’t lose any of your bankroll – only grow it by making profits.

If we use the Coral offer on our free trial as an example, and a starting bankroll of £45, then the diagram below provides a great example of how this works:

We start with £45 in our bank and deposit £5 into Coral and £45 into PocketBet Exchange. We then follow our video guide and written tutorial on matched betting and add £15+ cash profit to our original £45 bankroll without ever having to worry about losing any of it!

2) You are in complete control of your bankroll (and profits) at all times.

Your bankroll is yours at all times and is always either sitting in your own personal bookmaker and betting exchange accounts, from which you can withdraw at any time, or your own bank account. No one should be able to access your bankroll in any of these locations except for you – they are all your accounts. Just like you may have a PayPal account, an Amazon account, or an Ebay account etc.

3) The larger your bankroll is the more matched betting offers you can do at one time and the quicker you can make profits.

Using our Coral example from above, if you start with a bankroll of £45 on a Saturday morning, and place all your bets on Premier League games coming up that afternoon, your £45 bankroll will be tied up until the games you bet on end. You have to wait on doing any other offers until the games you’ve bet on finish and your bankroll and profits come back into your bookmaker and exchange accounts. Only once they are back can you move onto completing another offer in our free trial.

If however, you have a bankroll of £150, even after you use £45 on completing the Coral offer, you still have £105 left that you can then immediately use to complete another signup offer too. On that same Saturday morning, you are able to complete two (and even three) sets of offers rather than just one. Instead of making just £15 in profit, you can now make £40+ in profit – all because you had a larger starting matched betting bankroll.

What is the smallest possible bankroll for starting matched betting?

There are some matched betting websites out there that suggest you can start with as little as £10. Although possible this is a very difficult amount to start with and you will need buckets and buckets of patience! You will also have to constantly use lower odds when doing free bets which will mean that you will miss out on making as much profit as you could do had you started with a larger bankroll.

If you just want to see how matched betting works by completing the Coral offer available on our free trial, then as we already mentioned above a £45-£50 bankroll is enough to do this and will make you a worthwhile profit.

If you don’t have more spare cash to invest in your bankroll after that then you will need a bit of patience in order to complete the first 10 or so offers from our 40+ sports signup offers available with our Platinum Membership. This is mainly because you will constantly have to move money between each bookmaker, your betting exchange and your bank account between completing each offer. It can be done though and many of our members who started like this have slowly built their profits and are now making hundreds, and even thousands a month.

What is the best bankroll for starting matched betting?

The answer to this question somewhat depends on how much time you have spare to do Matched Betting every week. Obviously, as mentioned above, the larger the bankroll you have the better as the more offers you can do at once and the quicker you can make profits.

You can have a starting bankroll of £2000+ for example but if you only have 2-3 hours spare a week you might be hard pushed, at least until you are very experienced and doing more advanced offers, to get enough bets done that require your full bankroll.

With such a large starting bankroll you’d also have to be a little bit careful about running before you can walk when first starting out too.

Based on this we’d therefore recommend the very best starting bankroll for matched betting being anything from £500 to £750. If you find you are using this bankroll quickly and need more you can then always add in extra as you need it.

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What is the best way to build up your matched betting bankroll?

If you’re a beginner the best way to build up your bankroll is by working your way through our full list of bookmaker signup offers, preferably in order. If you're a Diamond Member, you can also do the no-risk casino signup offers too. (Leave the low-risk casino offers until after you’ve completed all the guaranteed profit sports sign up offers).

There are more than 40 bookmaker signup offers listed on Outplayed so completing these will take you some time if you’re starting with less than £100.

Don't be put off though - before you know it you'll be well up in profits - just like our member Paddy.

If you’ve been matched betting a while but suddenly had to use a large chunk of your bankroll, unexpectedly or otherwise, don’t worry you can easily rebuild your bankroll. Our related article “Rebuilding your bankroll” will be a useful read for you.

What is a good bankroll for doing matched betting reload offers?

As with a starting bankroll, the size of bankroll you need is dependent on how much time you have spare for matched betting each week. It’s also dependent on which reload offers you tend to do – or are able to do (if you’ve been gubbed).

If you are looking to do only guaranteed profit reload offers and price boosts a few hours a week then a bankroll of £1000 to £1500 will likely be sufficient for you. If you want to do 2up early-payout offers, horse racing refunds, extra place offers and similar, potential profit reload offers then a much larger bankroll is useful – at least £2500 or more we’d say. This would allow you to be easily placing £100 stakes on Bet365’s and Paddy Power’s 2up offers for example even after completing guaranteed profit reload offers.

Is there a good way to manage your bankroll and track everything?

Our Outplayed Matched Betting Profit Tracker is the perfect tool for helping manage your bankroll and to keep track of where your bankroll and profits are at all times. Not only does it track every bet you place, even via integration with our Oddsmatcher, but also tracks all deposits and withdrawals from bookmakers and betting exchanges in the Balance Sheet section. This is super useful and time-saving when you have over 40+ bookmaker accounts and potentially loads more casino accounts too!

What about a bankroll for matched betting casino offers?

When you come to doing casino offers in matched betting you need to treat your bankroll a bit differently from when doing sports offers. This is especially the case if you are going to start tackling medium and high-risk offers. We’d recommend joining our Diamond Membership Plan if you’re interested in finding out more about how we make profits from casino offers.

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Need a helping hand with Matched Betting?

Our Facebook Group, which has over 50,000 members, is a great place to ask for help and ask questions, especially if you are new to Matched Betting. Our community forum is also a great place to ask for help and advice.

Alternatively, you can also contact us directly for support too.

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