How to organise your matched betting in 2017

Michael Bush

29 Dec 2016

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Those who have spent any time at all becoming a member of Profit Accumulator and trying out the various free bet offers that we have laid out from the leading bookmakers – which can be literally done for free, thanks to our no-minimum-contract free trial – will know that it’s not very hard or time-consuming at all to get accustomed to matched betting.

Becoming more ‘professional’ about your matched betting, however, brings very different demands. As rewarding as this means of making money from the bookmakers can be, if you are to keep everything organised, you will need to take an almost business-like approach.

Here are some of the best matched betting organisation tips for the New Year.

Buy a notebook

Yes, we mean an actual, paper notebook – we mention the more technological methods for organising your matched betting further down this article.

With something as simple as a notepad, you can jot down all of those little reminders to take advantage of certain opportunities that you might come across while browsing the Profit Accumulator site at random moments, such as on your lunch break.

But the laptop will come in useful, too

Of course, a speedy laptop will allow you to log into the full Profit Accumulator site and tap into the latest offers, but it’ll also be good for setting up a spreadsheet that will enable you to keep track of your matched betting endeavours.

You might be enough of a shameless matched betting nerd to design your own spreadsheet incorporating such parameters as logins, passwords, profits, losses, free bet amounts and accumulators, with the relevant balances, pending withdrawals and free bet amounts totalled at the bottom.

Alternatively, you might download one of the various pre-existing spreadsheets out there – Ultimatcher, created by someone known as ‘thegoon’, surely being the highest rated. This spreadsheet is compatible with Excel and includes tabs for accounts, cashback, stats and much more.

Set up a separate bank account

One of the biggest problems that many people have with the transition between casual and hardened matched betting is the management of their winnings. They place a few matched bets using our simple-to-use interface, become amazed at how easy it is to generate so much cash, and then get a bit too profligate with their everyday spending, their profit vanishing as a result.

To stop this, set up a dedicated matched betting bank account, and don’t do much with the profit until you have built up a few thousand pounds. This will give you money that you can use straight away when you next see a great offer, as opposed to having to wait several days for a withdrawal from a bookie to reach your account before you can bet again.

The exact amount that you build up before taking profit out depends largely on personal preference – some seasoned matched bettors recommend £5,000, although £2,000 may serve you just fine if you’re unlikely to have to dip into your funds very often to cover essential day-to-day expenses.

Of course, the amount that you set aside before you reach into it to depends partly on whether you have grand plans for the money that you make from matched betting, such as to buy a car or house.

Blog about your matched betting adventures

Many a person has spoken of the great results they have gained from matched betting in the past, including this man featured in The Guardian, and there’s no reason why you can’t set up a dedicated blog to keep a record of your own experiences and successes, which is great for both motivating and organising yourself.

You don’t necessarily need to keep a blog, of course – you could simply join and participate in a matched betting online forum, such as this one on

The best tip of all... matched bet with Profit Accumulator!

This isn’t just ‘the bit where we advertise ourselves’ – it really does help you to organise your matched betting efforts when you don’t have to do all of the hard work in finding the most exciting and lucrative matched betting opportunities in the first place.

That is exactly what our site is geared towards here at Profit Accumulator. We’ve set up an incredibly intuitive and comprehensive interface that enables you to spot and take advantage of the best chances to make money straight away.

It all means that you could soon be making as much as £1,000 to £2,000 every month with Profit Accumulator – so why hesitate to register with us now to discover just how straightforward and, well, profitable matched betting can be?