Several Tips to Make Money at Casino


13 Oct 2020

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

This article discusses the possibility of making money at casinos through RTP percentages and the likelihood of winning in different modes of casino games. This includes selecting the best offers for you, from lower-risk bet promotions and free bets. Also, there is an emphasis on not forgetting the primary rule to making money at casinos: always playing responsibly.

First Rule – Play Responsibly

When you realize the fact that there is a primary rule of playing responsibly for every gamer that wishes to make money at the casino, then you will understand how well you can improve your odds of winning.

Any gamer that understands the first rule of playing responsibly will understand the following:

  • You own your decisions as to whether to play or not. You should not be coaxed by any factor or feeling into gambling.
  • You must have a good grasp as to when to keep playing and when to stop.
  • Every gamer must also know the right source to get their stakes from. When a player realizes the kind of funds that are not to be used for gambling, then they can be said to be playing responsibly.

Let us consider these real-life cases:

  • A self-employed nanny who risks her entire $18,000 life savings at a casino and kept on playing till she lost it all
  • A gambler who wins $15,000 but ended up gambling away all his winnings completely.

These two players have only exemplified irresponsible gambling. The first player failed to realise the right source of funds to get her stakes from. It should never be your life savings! The other player did not know when to stop playing and ended up losing all his winnings.

At the end of it all, these two players ended up with no money at all, which is always the outcome of irresponsible gambling.

Find Best Offers With No Deposit Bonuses And Free Spins

Knowing the way an online casino no deposit bonus functions is of utmost significance to gamblers. You might want to know why that is so. Well, it is so because it’s a value provided to gamblers by operators to ensure gambling for real money at online casinos, on their site or mobile app, becomes more enticing. Yet, these bonuses are with requirements, and that implies the necessity for you to pay your own money so as to earn it.

What then are the no deposit bonuses offered by online casinos?

As we mentioned earlier, it is an enticing offer by online casinos to casino citizens to improve their customer base. Even though it is only a small bonus, it fulfils the aim of luring in a considerable amount of fresh players by promising them a complimentary amount of money or a valued offer like free spins. We similarly mentioned earlier that these bonuses are subject to fulfilling the terms and conditions placed by the particular casino. This money is accessible to gamblers who don’t have to put in any of their cash initially.

These no deposit bonuses are utilized by online casinos in two ways. It can either be as a strategy to receive new players to their online casino or as a means to compensate faithful gamblers for continuing to play on their site.

To use these no deposit bonuses, the casinos will require you to bet a certain amount of the no deposit bonus if you must earn it. For instance, if a bonus value is £10 and the bet amount required is 10x, then you have to bet £100.

So, as you wish to make enough money from casinos, watch out for the best offers with no deposit bonuses and valued offers like free spins. They increase your chances of earning that win significantly. We further recommend Casumo, as we have reviewed this UK casino and found it to give out 30 free spins to fresh players as part of the casino's no deposit sign up offer.

Note: The number of spins can alter and may not be a similar amount when you check it out on the Casumo site.

Choose Games With The Highest RTP Rate

To understand online casino games and land big real money wins, you must realize what sort of game you have on your plates. Every casino has its specific requirements and its own amount of RTP, which in full denotes a return to the player.

The RTP is the compensation of prizes that approximate the gambler for the amount gambled in the casino. Hence, it is not as easy as we see it. To enable you to discern the RTP rate better, we have a simpler description that will create a clearer picture. It is the ratio of money earned by a gamer in a game conforming to how much he has funded it. This ratio can be negative (losing money) or positive (earning more).

Go for games with the highest RTP rates, like Poker games, Blackjack, and Slots. Poker games’ RTP rates get as high as 99.5%, Blackjack as high as 99%, and slots between 98% to 96%. It is necessary for you to check prior to your game, the RTP of the game you are about to play as it is a vital factor to make real money in casinos.

Free And Money Back / Refund As A Free Bet If You Lose Bookmakers Bets

For money back if you lose bookmakers' bets, you are given an offer whereas a fresh registrant, you can make a gamble with the bookmakers for the first time, and in a case where you lose the bet, you will be provided with an extra bet fitting the value of your first gamble. If you gambled $200 on the Dodgers to win against the Diamondbacks, and the Dodgers do not win, you would get a site credit in the sum of $200. If your bet wins, this becomes irrelevant.

These types of promotions basically give you an extra chance to win - or an extra chance to not lose again - however you prefer to consider it. But, if you lose when you stake with the bonus bet(s), then, your wager is completely lost. At least you enjoyed some sort of insurance. Try out DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, FOX Bet, and PointsBet as they offer very charitable promotional bets of about $500.

The key difference between these insurance bets and free bets is that free bets are not dependent on the player’s initial bet. So, if you win or you lose your initial bet, the free bet still comes in. Note that you might be given a timeframe to use these free bets and you can only use these free bets as stakes, not withdraw them with a win.

The fact is that all of these ways contribute to enhancing your odds of raking in big wins and making real money at casinos when you play. Follow them religiously and you are on your way to earning big from these casinos.

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