What a Trustworthy Casino Looks Like

Jack Taylor

16 Apr 2020

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Being able to bet with confidence online is important. Whether you’re looking for a sportsbook or casino, there are some common themes that are positive signs when it comes to which operators to choose. None of these factors is definitive and it’s not an exhaustive list, but identifying a casino that ticks all the boxes should be seen as a big positive. The best reviews will take all these aspects and many more into account when assessing a company and what they have to offer to the public.

Licenced with reputable authorities

In order to offer their services online, casinos have to be licenced with at least one gambling authority. These bodies are in place to help ensure operators are upholding high standards in different areas of their business. As well as setting up codes of practice, organisations like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) conduct assessments to ensure that these are being followed. Many checked and reviewed online casinos will have this accreditation working in their favour. It’s a sign of trust for existing and potential customers and should form part of undertaking the review process.

Depending on the range of their operations, some firms may opt to hold licences with multiple organisations from different regions. For example, some firms have both the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority on their roster. While this isn’t crucial, what it does show is that the company in question can satisfy multiple, independent licencing authorities that are seeking to ensure fair and open gaming. That’s certainly something to consider as a major plus as a consumer.

Additional Protection for Customer Funds

Knowing that any funds in your online account are safe gives a peace of mind to bettors. The best casinos and sportsbooks will ring-fence the money they hold which has come from their customers. They’ll never be considered part of the wider businesses’ assets and that’s great to know.

A level of protection that’s considered “High” should add extra trust to the equation. You’ll find more information about this in the relevant terms and conditions of gaming operators. Currently, Betway, Paddy Power, Betfair and several others all fulfil this particular item on the checklist at a “High” classification.

Fair and honest promotions

There is a whole world of promotions and offers available to the online bettor. It’s a very competitive marketplace, especially in the UK with multiple operators and brands looking to advertise their services.

Online casinos use these as devices to both attract new customers and reward loyal ones. Not all propositions are created equal, though. The good news is, operators must publish all the relevant information you need to know alongside these offers. From there, it’s simply a case of getting to grips with what to look for. Knowing and understanding how the mechanics of betting offers work will help players make informed decisions about which ones are worthwhile.

Some factors to consider when it comes to casino offers include:

  • Is this reserved for new customers, or can anyone take it up?
  • Is it available in your geographical location?
  • Which deposit methods are accepted?
  • Is there a requirement to opt-in in advance?
  • When is the promotion valid until?
  • Is there a rollover requirement on any reward, such as free spins?
  • If so, is there a time period where these can be used?

Assessing points such as these before getting involved with a casino promotion or offer will enable players to work out where the best value opportunities are. This way, your valuable time and efforts are reserved for those that offer the most amount of upside and the most straightforward and fair.