Post Wager


This is essentially the same as the Wager & Get Cash example except the casino phrases the offer differently. These offers use cash funds first and you will only receive your reward once all of the wagering is completed first. If you bust out of your deposit then you'll need to deposit more in order to carry on the wagering and get your reward.

The main example of this type of offer is the LeoVegas/LeoVegas group reload offer. Use the EV Calculator to work out the Estimated Value of a Post Wager offer.

Example: Deposit £50 And Wager Your Deposit 10x Get £50 Cash
Extra Info: This translates to a Wager £500 Get £50 Cash offer.
EV Calculator:


For simple Post Wager offers, the stake size makes no difference to the EV. The stake you choose to play with will affect the variance (swings in profit/loss) and how long it takes you to do an offer, but the EV will not change. For this reason you should be thinking about playing with the lowest stake that you can where you're still happy with how long it'll take you to complete the offer.

Should I Ever Finish The Offer Early?

No - not if don't want to be losing value! There are some deposit match offers where it can be the correct decision to finish an offer "early", but with Post Wager offers it's always the correct decision to complete an offer from a value perspective.

It can be tempting quit if you get a nice big win early on, but remember that our value comes from the reward and not just from playing a casino game! It's a common myth that if your current profit is above the EV, that you should finish the offer - this is not true!

Let's look at an example:
You're doing a "Wager £10 Get £2 Cash" offer with an EV of £1.60. You're £3 into the wagering and get a nice £20 win and decide to stop. But the position you're currently in essentially gives you a "Wager £7 Get £2 Cash" offer (since you've already completed £3 of the wagering).

The offer had good value with wagering £10 so of course it is very much the correct decision to keep playing and earn your £2 cash reward now that you only have £7 wagering left.