Reward If


Sometimes a casino will offer you a cash or bonus reward based on certain achievements. This can come in various forms - hitting a Blackjack, getting three roulette wins in a row, the roulette ball landing on number 4, hitting a 20x multiplier on a specific slot, and many more different events the casino might choose for their offer.

To calculate the value you need to think about the chance of hitting the achievement, the size of the reward, and the average amount you'll spend to get the reward.

Let's look at this Gamesys Live Casino offer as an example:

Reward: £20 Cash
Reward Trigger: The ball landing on number 4 (1 in 37 chance of happening)

With this offer you need to play £5 spins (playing on Red or Black was fine) and we have a 1 in 37 chance of the ball landing on number 4. This means we expect to have to play 37 spins on average before the ball lands on 4 and we get our £20 cash reward.

37 x £5 means we expect to wager an average of £185 before the ball lands on 4. This now becomes the equivalent of a Wager £185 Get £20 Cash offer (on average - your wagering may be smaller or larger depending on your luck and how quickly 4 lands) and is worth £15 EV.

EV Calculator: