Are Casino Offers Right For You?


27 May 2021

Updated: 1 Apr 2023

If you’re a member of our Facebook Group, then you’ve probably heard just how profitable casino offers can be.

You might be thinking about joining so many of our members that are profiting from lucrative casino bonuses.

But, we know that the idea of ‘casino’ can seem daunting. And that you might have some reservations about starting.

In this article, we consider four questions to help you decide whether casino offers are right for you:

  • Do you want to increase your profits?
  • Do you have some time available?
  • Do you have a suitable bankroll?
  • Do you have the long term mindset?

If you can say yes to these 4 questions, then you’re ready to start casino offers!

Do You Want To Increase Your Profits?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this one... I mean who wouldn’t want to increase their profits?

If you’re looking to increase your Matched Betting profits, then casino offers could be the perfect choice.

Whilst they’re not a way to get rich quickly, there are hundreds of casino offers available, and you could potentially make thousands of pounds profit.

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Do You Have Some Time Available?

Before starting casino offers, you should spend a bit of time learning about how they work.

When you activate your Diamond membership, you’ll find 6 short video guides at the top of the Casino section.

I’d recommend setting aside about 1 hour to watch these. They’ll give you the perfect introduction to casino offers.

You can then get stuck into your first offers. There are over 80 casino signup offers available, which you can complete at whatever pace suits your schedule.

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Do You Have A Suitable Bankroll?

Like with Matched Betting, we need a bit of money available (called bankroll) to complete offers.

As a Diamond member, we’ll show you which signups to start with. These are handpicked for being either risk-free or very low-risk, and often very profitable.

You could start casino offers if you have at least £100 to spare. By focusing on the very low-risk offers, you should be able to build up your bankroll ready for the more advanced offers.

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Do You Have The Long Term Mindset?

Whenever we complete a casino offer, our results will be a bit different each time. We call this variance. Let’s say we complete an offer 3 times. One time we make £8 profit, another time £20 profit, but on the third occasion we lose £5.

Overall we made £23 profit, but on one occasion we lost money.

Variance means that we can have short periods of doing casino offers where we don't make a profit, and sometimes we'll lose a little bit.

But, we are only doing casino offers that are +EV. This means we always have the mathematical advantage, so losing money on some offers is nothing to worry about.

As we complete more offers, variance becomes less of a factor, and increasingly we should see a trend of rising profits.

Example: One member, "sidekickhermanbets", has carefully tracked their EV vs profit, and despite periods of not making a profit (such as offers 100-200), the trend is consistently rising profits.

(Platinum and Diamond Members can view sidekickhermanbets original post in the Forum here alongside lots more casino results discussion).

It’s important to start casino offers with the mindset that you won’t make a profit on every offer. But, the long-term trend should have nicely rising profits.

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Ready To Start Casino Offers?

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