New to Outplayed? A Tour for Making the Most out of Your Platinum Membership


19 Jun 2020

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Just joined Outplayed as a Platinum Member or Diamond Member? That’s fantastic – we’re happy to have you!

Every month of the year there are loads of opportunities for us to make loads of profits with Matched Betting – but where do you start?

In this article we’re going to walk you through how to make the most of your Platinum Membership, as we love helping our members make money not only for a few weeks and months, but for years!

The best way to get started with your Platinum Membership at Outplayed

No matter if you have the time and the starting bankroll for just one offer a day or ten offers a day, learning your way around Outplayed and how you can make the most profits now and in the future with Matched Betting is an absolute must.

Here’s a quick overview tour of everything you need to know about during your first few weeks and months with us. We recommend using this tour as a reference guide that you can work through anytime and at your own pace.

1) Learn the basics

If you haven't already, head over to the "Start Here" section and complete the training, along with the offers for Coral and Betfred. This will give you a good foundation to move on from.

2) Start working your way through the Sportsbook signup offers

Signup offers are the easiest way to make some initial cash. You should aim to progress through the first 20-30 of these before doing much else.

3) Introduce yourself on the forum - it will become your most valuable resource

Many of our members consider our community forum to be our most valuable resource as it can be an absolute goldmine for making profits. Hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds worth of opportunities to profit are posted in the forum every month. If that wasn’t enough the forum also provides a unique opportunity to access the knowledge, advice and insights of thousands of experienced matched bettors – including many who have been matched betting for several years now.

The best place to start on the forum is on the ‘Welcome to Outplayed’ thread, where you can introduce yourself (by clicking the blue reply button), meet some other members (new and old) and get an idea of how the forum works.

(*Please note for all forum links in this post you may have to open the main forum first, then click the link mentioned)

4) £1000 a month? Get inspired and see what's really possible!

Undoubtedly you started matched betting in order to top up your earnings each month. How much can you realistically make each month though? Is £1000 really possible?

Yes – if the profits our members’ report each month in our community areas are anything to go by.

5) Start tracking your profits (you'll thank us later!)

There’s no need to write notes or set up an excel file to track your profits when you’re a Platinum Member – you can literally track every bet you place and the profits you make with the click of the ‘STORE’ button. This button is available on the Oddsmatching Tool pop-up calculators and, once activated, via the main calculators too.

6) Set yourself a goal to achieve with Matched Betting

What are you aiming for with Matched Betting?

If you do have a goal in mind, why not write it down and, more importantly, share it in the forum with everyone?

Why are we advising you to do this? To help you achieve your goal of course!

By writing your goal down and sharing it with people your chances of achieving your goal are massively increased. Check out this Forbes article on the Neroscience behind goal achievement if you’re sceptical about this! The more specific you can be when you write your goal down the better too. Here’s a great example of goal setting (and majorly achieving!) from a member who’s already been Matched Betting with us for around 2 years (at the time of writing).

7) Have a go at a reload offer (or two!)

In terms of the profits we make from Matched Betting signup offers are considered to be just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The vast majority of our long-term Matched Betting profits actually come from doing reload offers (a.k.a. existing customer offers).

As a beginner, if you’re still working through the first 20 or so signup offers, we’d recommend that you only do simple ‘Bet & Get’ or Guaranteed Profit reload offers for now.

A good example of such an offer was Sky Bet’s Bet £10 Get £5 on the Manchester City vs Arsenal game (17th June 2020).

This offer is very similar to the easy signup offers you have probably already completed so would have been easy for you to make some quick extra profit from.

Where can you find a list of the latest Matched Betting reload offers? In our Reload Offer section.

8) If you're a Diamond Member, try your hand at some of the 'warm-up' casino signup offers

If you looked at the monthly profits our members make you undoubtedly would have seen many members reporting substantial profits from matched betting casino offers.

Casino offers can be extremely lucrative for us, both in the short-term from signup offers and in the long-term from reload offers.

After having a look at our introductory videos on casino why not give a few of the risk-free warm up offers a try? You never know what profits can be made from a few free spins!

9) Check you’ve covered all the key training guides for beginners

As you really start to get the hang of Matched Betting and see your profits grow and grow it’s easy to skip over training guides and head straight for that next offer and more easy profits. We know – as we’ve all done it too, as it’s so easy to get carried away when you see the £’s just rolling in!

Skipping training guides though can mean that you’re missing out on learning important ways of making more profits and speeding up your Matched Betting, as well as on learning about skills and tools you might need for tackling future, more complex offers.

Here’s a list of our top, must-read guides and forum threads for all beginners:

10) Start preparing for a full switch to profiting from reload offers

As you come towards the end of the signup offer guides, if you’ve followed our advice above, you likely would have also already started making profits from many of the easier reload offers available – the Sky Bet and Paddy Power weekly bet clubs for example. Where do you go next though? What reload offers are best to learn and do first?

From there we’d recommend learning about all the various types of reload offers available:

Need a helping hand with Matched Betting?

Our Facebook Group, which has over 37,000 members, is a great place to ask for help and ask questions, especially if you are new to Matched Betting. Our community forum is also a great place to ask for help and advice.

Alternatively you can also contact us directly for support too.

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