Casino Bonuses - How Do I Know Which One Is Right For Me?

Darren Sassienie

18 Apr 2019

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Casino Bonuses - How do I Know Which One is Right For Me?

This post will help you understand which casino bonuses are right for you. For centuries, gambling has drawn people from all walks of life. Gambling should be fun and it's always important to remember that. Right from that first German gaming hall in the middle Ages to the glittering modern casinos, the traditional gambling establishment meant players had to drive or travel to wherever the fun is. However, a decade ago an interesting transformation took place that majorly impacted the way people play casino games and it soon has become mainstream culture.

Yes, we are pointing towards convenient, comfortable, contemporary gambling favorite-online casinos! No matter what your preference or objective is with regards to enjoying casino games - one common aspect that every casino player shares with fellow players is the dream of winning substantial amounts of money.

History has it, players who have proved themselves as experts have turned into online gaming legends and affirmed that winning a fortune is not an impossible undertaking.

Most of them prefer online gambling to save time and money that is required to travel to a bricks and mortar casino. If you have searched for online gambling options, apart from other features - promotions and bonuses are something that online casinos offer lots of. Essentially, what could be defined as 'free money' in the form of a casino bonus can be a good start, however, not all bonuses and offers are alike. So here are some useful pointers on choosing bonuses that suit your gaming habits and needs.

How do Casino Bonuses work?

The way that online casino bonuses work is actually quite simple. Players make a deposit. The casino then matches the deposit depending on two factors- certain percentage and pound value. So every deposit basically includes these two amounts. Suppose the casino is offering 100 % bonus up to say £200, if you deposit £50 then you get £100 match bonus and if you deposit £200 you will get £200 but if deposit says £300 then you will still get £200 as that's the limit.

Remember although casinos don’t mind handing out free money, you still will have to work to earn it. Players need to play casino games in order to unlock their bonus. Even after you earn bonus it remains locked until all of the requirements are satisfied. Also, some bonuses become void within a specific timeline if you fail to earn your bonus. It’s recommended that you thoroughly go through the terms and conditions and pay extra attention to what's required in order to earn your bonus.

Why Wagering Requirements?

Casinos protect themselves from players abusing promotions without actually intending on playing. Also, they do not want their customers to gamble until they have lost all the money. The wagering requirement generally is the multiple of deposit along with bonus amount that player needs to bet before cashing out. Hence wagering requirements serve as a fair protection mechanism.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses:

There could be a fair amount of confusion and misunderstanding as players may find themselves lost in various kinds of bonuses offered by different online casinos. Some understanding about these bonuses and their play-through requirement before cashing out any winnings could save punters from needless stress. Let us briefly explain certain types of bonuses commonly offered.

1. No Deposit Required Bonus

  • The simplest form of bonus that doesn’t require players to make a deposit to receive a bonus amount, they just need to register an account with the casino.
  • Classic no deposit bonus and free spins are two forms that usually, come with a maximum amount that players can win and usually also have certain restrictions.
  • Bonus can be automatically be credited to an account, sometimes players need to claim the bonus via email or a submission form on the casino website.
  • Limitations may be applied like limit on maximum withdrawal amount using bonus amount or making a token deposit before withdrawal of winnings. It is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

2. Sticky Bonus

  • With sticky bonus players are offered free money that can be used only to place wagers but can never be withdrawn.
  • Players can use the cash balance first and continue to play using the sticky bonus even if the cash balance drops to zero.
  • Once a player reaches play through the requirement - they are then allowed to withdraw winnings only over and above initial bonus and initial bonus money will be removed from players account.
  • Punters can bet with a really massive bankroll and have a chance to win far better pay ratio if they hit big wins.

3. Match Bonus

  • Match bonuses are the most common form of sign up bonuses that players receive once they make a deposit at an online casino. Let us demonstrate with an example - a casino offers a 100% match bonus up to say £200. This means casino will give 100% in free money on any deposit amount made up to £200. i.e. suppose player deposits £100 then casino provides another £100 in bonus money, making the total bankroll £200.
  • Casinos are at less risk as players put their own money first while the casino matches the deposit with certain percentage as explained in above example.
  • There are not many limitations, but casinos may apply maximum bonus limits, minimum deposits required, or ask the player to enter a match bonus code (if any) to redeem the bonus once a deposit is made.

4. Loyalty Bonus

  • As the name suggests loyalty bonuses are given to those players who attain a certain status at an online casino.
  • Few casinos won’t require a play through on such bonuses and the types of bonus can vary from casino to casino.
  • Generally, token requirement needs to be fulfilled in order to cash these out.

Online casinos bonuses can be an opportunity for clever players to make money by taking advantage of a larger bank roll. If you wish to take advantage of casino bonuses, then feel free to visit Each player has their own preferences and playing style - regardless of yours - it is always best to play with money that one can afford to lose and keep expectations low! Once it's no longer fun, it's probably time to stop.

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