Matched Betting The Cheltenham Festival: Daily Routine


14 Mar 2022

Updated: 29 Feb 2024

Check out our Ultimate Matched Bettors Guide To Cheltenham 2024 to make this year's festival your most profitable!

The 2023 Cheltenham Festival is almost upon us!

Hopefully, you're feeling prepared, very excited, and maybe even a little nervous about what's to come. There will be many offers to get through during the festival week.

Useful reading:

In our Outplayed Matched Betting Blog you'll find some great tips to help you build a daily routine for a smooth, enjoyable and profitable Cheltenham.

If you haven’t had much time to prepare, don't panic! You can follow this guide: How to make the most out of Cheltenham if you are new to Matched Betting.

Matched Betting Daily Routine For The Cheltenham Festival

Many in the Outplayed team have been Matched Betting for years and are super experienced. If you're in our Facebook Community Groups you can watch out for Live Q&A Sessions from our team in the lead up to the festival. They'll be covering everything from the basics of betting on horse racing right through to advanced horse racing Matched Betting offers, like Extra Places.

For those not sure where to start on each day of the festival, our team have come up with what they think is the best daily routine for you. Of course you might not have the time spare around work to fit everything in that's listed, but just focus on using it as a guide and doing what you can. 

The team's general number one tip is to just jump on as many offers as you can that suit your skill level. Don't dismiss an offer if it's only 50p-£1 profit - they soon add up and at the very least cover your Qualifying Bet Losses for other bigger offers!

Here's the Outplayed Team's recommended Daily Routine for Cheltenham.

Plan Your Day



Take time the evening before each race day to make a note of the offers you intend to do the next day.

You'll find all the best offers listed with full instructions in our **Cheltenham Offers Guide**.

As you complete each offer, you can mark it off to help you keep motivated and focused. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming when you are faced with so many offers.

A great tip is to bookmark the daily Cheltenham reload offer index pages.

This can save you so much time!

All you need to do is open each of the pages listed below right now and save them to your bookmark bar on your browser:

Each day, you can then directly get to the main list of available offers in seconds.

As each day ends you can also remove them off your bookmark bar.

NOTE: Days 2-4 will not be live until the evening before - but you can still bookmark these links ready. More reload offers will continuously be added to these pages as the bookies announce them so keep checking them regularly.

Here are the reload offer pages to bookmark/favourite:

Cheltenham Day 1 Index: An index of offers for Day 1 of the festival (live from around the 8th March)

Cheltenham Day 2 Index: An index of offers for Day 2 of the festival (will go live evening of the 14th March)

Cheltenham Day 3 Index: An index of offers for Day 3 of the festival (will go live evening of the 15th March)

Cheltenham Day 4 Index: An index of offers for Day 4 of the festival (will go live evening of the 16th March)

Complete Any Easy, Guaranteed, Lock-In Profit Offers First

In our post about how members can make the most out of Cheltenham around their full-time job, we focused on offers that members can complete the night before or first thing in the morning. It is a good idea to work through these types of offers in the same manner, even if you are available all day.

Which Offers Are These?

  • Direct Free Bet Offers (e.g. £5 Free Bet on the first race of the day)
  • Straightforward Bet and Get Type Offers (e.g. Bet £10 on the first race of the day and get a £10 free bet on the 2nd race)
  • Money-back, or Refund, as cash or a free bet if your horse loses. (e.g. £10 money-back as cash if your horse loses in the first race of the day).

We would ALWAYS recommend getting these offers above done and dusted first whenever you can.

We're suggesting this as if you have a smaller Matched Betting Bankroll, you don't want to do a load of Potential Profit Offers first, only to then realize you don't have enough liability left in your exchange to do the offers that can make you an instant Guaranteed Profit (when done correctly). 

Quick Tip

Small bankroll for Cheltenham?

Remember to take advantage of SHARED LIABILITY during the festival to increase the number of offers you can do and then your profits!

Add In Potential Profit Offers With The Most Likelihood Of A Return

Horse Racing Refund Offers, or Money Back If X Happens, are the next type of Matched Betting Offer you want to jump on at Cheltenham. There will likely be a fair few of these available on each day of the festival. You want to focus on doing those that have the highest chance of happening and/or the highest expected value first - especially if you only have a small Matched Betting bankroll available.

What do we mean by choosing those with the highest chance of happening or the highest expected value? Well, as a quick comparison, this offer:

£10 Money Back as CASH if your horse comes 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

Has a higher value than this offer:

£10 Money Back as a free bet if your horse comes 2nd.

Both are excellent offers you want to be doing if you have the bankroll available - but if you are in a position where you have to choose the best to do - the first one offers you more value than the second because the refund is as cash AND because you can get the refund if the horse lands in 1 of 3 places (rather than just a single place). 

The Outplayed Offers Team will provide a list of all the best Horse Racing Refund Offers available each day of the Cheltenham Festival. You want to try and complete all the offers that have the best likelihood of a return.

Ignore any of the offers (for now) that have a much smaller chance of occurring. These tend to be ones that include 2 or more events that need to happen for you to be able to claim the refund (instead of just a single event).

An example of such an offer would be £10 Money Back as a free bet if your horse comes 2nd to the SP (starting price) favourite.

(You need the horse to come in 2nd AND be behind the starting price favourite - which is 2 events and much less likely to occur than your horse JUST coming in 2nd).

Boost Your Way To Profit

You should make sure you are prepared to smash the Price Boosts that are available at Cheltenham!

>> Platinum and Diamond members can access the dedicated Cheltenham Price Boost Thread in the Forum here.  

(That link is another one worth putting in your browser favourites/bookmarks!)

You can follow specific forum topics to get alerted every time there is an opportunity to lock in a quick and easy profit.

How do you watch a topic?

By selecting the ‘Not Watching’ button on the topic and switching it to ‘Watching’

You will then get a forum notification every time there is a new post in that topic.

Here’s an example of notifications coming from the Price Boost topic:

Check Your Inbox For Personal Offers & Last Minute Offers

Be sure to check your emails and texts regularly throughout the festival - bookies may send offers directly to you.

They can send them any time, so it can be worthwhile checking throughout the day when you have a minute or two spare.

If you receive an email offer and you're not sure if it's worth doing, the best place to ask is in the forum topic: Sports - Is this offer worth doing?

If you get an email offer and you know it's worth doing and have not already seen it anywhere on Outplayed then let other members know here: Offers posted by members.

Start Advanced Offers (Extra Places)

If You've NEVER Done Extra Places Before

Horse Racing Extra Places are an ADVANCED type of Matched Betting Offer and not something to just start jumping into willy-nilly!

If you have read ALL the guides, watched ALL the videos and feel very confident in what you're doing, enough to have a go at trying some Extra Places using small stakes (£2 max) - then Cheltenham is an excellent time to do so.  

Use Cheltenham as an excellent opportunity to practice Extra Places more than make profit from them (which you will likely do - but it's possible you might not too!). Once you master Extra Places there are then loads more opportunities to profit coming up during the rest of the year, and then we'll be back at Cheltenham 2024 before you know it!

If You HAVE Done Extra Places Before & Have Liability Left To Use

Throughout the day (many argue from the early hours if you can!), between doing all the other offers mentioned above, you need to be keeping an eye out for good each-way matches on horses running at Cheltenham. 

You can find close matches using the Extra Place Catcher and by keeping an eye on the daily EP thread in the forum.

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