Helpful Tips | Casino Offers

Lauren Shuckburgh

11 Aug 2015

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

In both our members area and reloads section there are a number of Casino offers that many are sceptical of. People joined Profit Accumulator or started matched betting to make risk free cash. So why on earth would we, who are so against gambling, promote offers which come with any sort of risk factor?

You'll notice that some of the Casino offers are marked at 'low risk' and often have an estimated profit below them. We will only ever put up offers which do not have ridiculous wagering requirements or low RTP (return to player) or 'hit frequency' as these are not worth doing.

What I mean to say is that, interspersed with your regular reloads or start-up offers and using a very small percentage of your profits to qualify for the Casino bonuses, these are worth doing!

It has been a common misconception in the past that you're not able to make decent sums of money without taking risks. Well, that's simply not the case. I had a short interview with one of our members who shows that he does exactly that.

But whichever way you want to play it, at the bottom of the Casino bonuses we've added a new thread which includes lots of no deposit casino offers. Now these really are completely risk free!

Check out this huge win posted on the forums last week... That's a month's income in one offer. Amazing!