Jordan’s Cheltenham Matched Betting Diary: Day 3 Recap

Jordan Atkinson

16 Mar 2017

Updated: 30 Nov 2023

It was "St Patrick's Thursday" today at Cheltenham, aptly named considering tomorrow is St Paddy's day. The day proved to be a better one for trainer Willie Mullins after Monday didn't quite go to plan for him and his horses. Four wins in total for his horses. So any punter following him had a good day's winnings I'm sure. There's a certain romanticism around horse racing and I'm starting to appreciate why people love the sport and why big money is bet on horses, especially at events like Cheltenham.

I've heard rumours that a bloke who had £400,000 on Altior on Monday but then lost £500,000 backing Douvan - ouch... I think this image was made for him:

Anyway, how did my Matched Betting go today?

Profit today was just over £100 (£105.50 to be precise). I had two mug bets on using free bets but, unfortunately, neither of them came in. They would've topped my total up nicely no doubt, but still can't be bad to get £100! William Hill had a good price boost on early on, which I got in on. Skybet also had their "Place a £20 bet on any horse - ff it loses you'll get a £20 free bet" offer on the first race of the day which I found to be a good offer also.

In total, I'm up over £350 in the last three days. Again, I stress the fact that I am a total matched betting rookie. I know you hear it all the time, but seriously, if I can do it - so can you!

What I've learned

I'm not going to lie, matched betting can be quite daunting at the start. I checked and rechecked my bets before I placed them about five times each when I first started. I would go back and forth to the calculator to make sure I wasn't making a mistake. But, it really isn't hard to pick up... In the last three days I've went from having nothing but a basic understanding to feeling pretty confident about what I'm doing. Yes, I still stay away from the more complicated offers. But, now that I'm confident with the easier offers, I think I'm going to branch out and begin to learn the steps to completing the harder ones. Remember, this is how I've progressed in just three days!

We always say: you get out what you put in when it comes to matched betting. Is it easier than most part time jobs? Absolutely yes! Are you going to get rich overnight without putting any effort in? Absolutely not! If you take your baby steps at the start and watch the tutorials; read the forums; try the signup offers, you will genuinely learn how to do it. Then before you know it you will be making £1,000 a month from it. No joke.

Insider Tips

Price boosts. Price boosts. Price boosts. Our members are reporting these are the best way to hit the big bucks. It separates the £300 club (me) from the £1,000+ club. Learn how these work and try and capitalise on them for the last day's racing tomorrow...

Sneak peek of how our Price Boosts are listed each and every day:


Gold Cup Day tomorrow. Easily the biggest day of Cheltenham, where the most money is spent and won. There should be tons of great offers to choose from so make sure you're in on that nice and early. Tomorrow night's diary should be a good one. Complete breakdown of my earnings coming... Now I'm praying for a good day!

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