Is matched betting long term?


27 Jul 2022

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

As soon as a person realises Matched Betting is legit and that it really can make you money online, they are often then quick to ask our experts:

“Can you do Matched Betting long term?"

At a brief glance, many people assume that it’s not possible to do Matched Betting long term because it seems to only rely on the free bets and promotions the bookmakers give out to their new customers.

Caroline, in her Outplayed TrustPilot review, truly hits the nail on the head in terms of how you can go about making substantial profits for years with Matched Betting. Caroline’s comment - “you get out of this was you put in” rings very true with this way to make money from home.

At Outplayed we provide you with everything you need for you to proceed with Matched Betting for the long haul. Beyond our tools, guides, support, community and in-depth knowledge though, the rest lies with you. Especially with your willingness to give it a go, learn, adapt and ultimately trust in Profit Accumulator and the techniques we teach you.

Caroline’s £47,000 return all started with her making her first £40 on our free trial. That’s the same free trial you have access to today - right here - right now.

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If you still have doubts and are wondering if Caroline is some kind of a special exception to the rule we’re just peddling out to you, then please do continue reading!

You can learn exactly how making money Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator is possible for years and not just in the short term.

Making Matched Betting Workable

The real story with Matched Betting is that the bookies’ sign-up offers are just the very beginning of the returns you can make. They are the warm-up act to the main event.

Your main and long-term Matched Betting returns will actually come from all the daily and weekly promotional offers that the bookies will hand out to you AFTER you’ve completed their signup offers. These offers are the ones the bookies give out to all their existing customers and are referred to in our Matched Betting community as ‘Reload Offers’.

Reload offers are how Profit Accumulator members - such as Sophia - make regular monthly Matched Betting returns like this:

Read Sophia’s full story.

At the time of writing, you can make around £600 from the 60 or so bookmaker signup offers on Profit Accumulator. Using Caroline (who was featured at the top of this article) as an example that means only around 1.38% of her total returns came from signups.

The remaining 98.62% of her Matched Betting results came from sports reload offers and casino offers.

How Long-Term Matched Betting Is Possible

After completing the sign-up offers, savvy Matched Bettors tend to re-invest as much as possible of their initial returns from basic reload offers, casino offers and then other advanced Matched Betting techniques.

The knowledge and experience built up by completing the sign-up offers, as well as the continued support from a world-class support team and amazing Matched Betting community help beginners at Profit Accumulator make this step into making regular cash with their Matched Betting.

Quick List of Reloads You Can Do

At Profit Accumulator not only do we provide an extensive list of ALL the reload offers available every single day that you can benefit from (with guides and tools to do them too) - BUT we also have a Top Offers of the Day listfor our Platinum and Diamond members. We do these lists daily for both sports and casino reloads.

These are special lists for our members who only have a limited time each day and want to hit the best offers quickly and efficiently when they sign into their Profit Accumulator account.

One of our team also provides a quick list of Daily Offers they recommend doing every day in our main Facebook Group. It’s by far one of the most popular posts in our community every day and many members swear by it.

Here’s a very quick list of just a few of our members’ favourite reload offers that are available for them to receive Matched Betting results:

  1. Weekly Bet Clubs
  2. Price Boosts
  3. Horse Racing Refunds (Money Back If X Offers)
  4. Football In-play Offers
  5. Football early-payout offers (a.k.a 2ups)
  6. Horse Racing Extra Places
  7. Casino Reload Offers

(You can read more of Sean’s story here).

As well as providing extensive daily lists and guides of every reload offer from across 50+ UK bookmakers, we also provide our members with:

Everyone is different in how long they choose to continue Matched Betting.

Typically, most people do it for 2-3 years, others continue for 4-6+ years. This is especially the case for those who choose to start making more via Matched Betting casino offers as well - like another member named Caroline here.

We’re not going to pretend you can do it for your entire life - it does tend to have a shelf-life where people say “OK thanks for all this cash but I’m ready to try something new now”. Many members take their Matched Betting returns and invest them in more traditional ways that will help them make money for the even longer term.

Matched Betting FAQs

Doesn’t Gubbing Influence How Long You Can Do Matched Betting For?

At some point, you will get gubbed and then eventually stake restricted across some of your bookie and casino accounts.

Gubbing is where the bookie stops giving you certain promotional offers. Stake restricted is where they basically only allow you to place tiny bets of 10p so you can’t expect results quickly.

If you follow our extensive advice and tips to avoid being gubbed - this should only really happen after a good many years of beating the bookies and rinsing the casinos for everything they’re worth!

The ‘fear’ of gubbing is not something that should ever put you off starting Matched Betting.

There are so many ways to still succeed with Matched Betting even when you’re gubbed. Our members Susana, ‘Kokokoi’ and ‘Mr T’ provide 3 excellent examples of that.

You can also convince your partner to start Matched Betting too - and rinse out another few more years for you both by helping them. (See our Partner Friendly Bookies article for more information on this).

Can You Do Matched Betting Long Term If You Start With Less Than £100?

Most definitely! No matter how much you start Matched Betting with - £50, £80, £100 or £500+ - you can do Matched Betting for years.

The only thing you need when starting with a small bankroll is a bit of patience at the start. You also need to be wary of comparing your returns to our highly experienced members who have HUGE bankrolls of thousands behind them. You will get there too - but you just have to plod along steadily at first.

Alice and Scott did it - so why not you too??

Advice On Achieving Long-term Matched Betting

There are a few basic rules to follow with Matched Betting;

  • Look after your accounts - be sure to place plenty of mug bets to prevent gubbing.
  • Be sure to check out both UK betting sites and non UK betting sites for sign up and reload offers.
  • Learn new techniques - don't be afraid to move on to advanced methods.
  • Be a member of Profit Accumulator - we have all the resources, advice and tips you need to become a long-term Matched Betting pro :)

Got Questions About Matched Betting?

If you’d like to ask our members how much you could make Matched Betting, or about how much time they spend on Matched Betting and similar topics, then our Facebook Group is a great place to do so. There are over 45,000 new and long-term members in the group. It's an amazing resource to take advantage of for any beginner!

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