What Casino Offers Do UK Players Enjoy More


11 Sep 2020

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

All casino players in the UK, including experts, amateurs and even casual players, have all taken advantage of some online casino offers at some point. These bonuses range from free spins to no deposit casinos and are found in every casino. Betting platforms use these to make gaming attractive to customers.

But which of these offers are the most popular?

In the UK, bonuses are found both in the physical and online casinos, especially when you play on new casino sites. There are many factors that will join together to determine the best online casino bonus for you, and they include the games you love most, your level of experience and how long you intend to spend playing at the casino.

This article is meant to explain the casino bonus offers that are most loved by British players - read on to discover all about which bonuses are favourites and about new bonuses that you can even enjoy for free.

The Things to Have In Mind When Searching For Casino Offers

Before we talk about the types of casino offers that most UK players prefer, we need to look at the most essential things to have in mind when you’re searching for the bonuses. The first thing is that you must check and confirm that the casino is regulated by regulatory bodies in the UK. To be super sure that the casino is legitimate, you can look at the website of the UK Gambling Commission of the UKGC and look for the UKGC logo at the bottom of the casino site.

The second thing is that you should read the terms and conditions before you claim any bonuses. In some casinos, it’s compulsory for you to wager a particular amount of money before you can ever cash out any of your winnings, and this can be very dangerous to the return rate. Casino bonuses are embraced because they’re an extra bonus you get for signing up, so for them to serve their real purpose, you need to be sure they’re actually free and that they don’t have the offset cost of a high wagering requirement.

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What Casino Offers Are the Most Popular In the UK?

Based on statistics, nearly half of all Brits who gamble - 47% - have gambled in the last 4 weeks. What casino offers are their favorites?

  • Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

Based on their name, welcome bonuses are created to lure new customers to the casino. In brick and mortar casinos, there are also some welcome offers and they come in the form of free drinks or discounted gate fees.

But you can’t compare these bonuses to the numerous bonus offers that you’ll get given in online casinos, where there’s huge competition between different sites. This means that they have to do a heck of a lot to lure in new customers and retain older ones in the hugely saturated casino market.

The welcome bonus is the general term used to describe any offer that online casinos dole out to new customers. This may include a 100% match bonus, free spins, no deposit bonuses, or extra jackpot opportunities and all depends on the casino that’s offering it.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

UK players love the latest no deposit bonus or newest free spins offer because they offer them the chance to enjoy real money games at absolutely no cost to them. They’re very beneficial for those who want to try out new games without spending money on the games beforehand.

The no deposit bonuses come with hugely varying terms and conditions. The similarity between the no deposit bonuses and welcome offers isn’t normally much, and that’s because most of the platforms offer them to new players after their successful registration with the casino.

  • Game Specific Bonuses

Game Specific Bonuses

With so much to select from when it comes to UK casino games, casino bonuses that are attached to games present great opportunities to test new games or for some players to enjoy their favorite games.

Game release bonuses are given mostly on the day, week, or month that highly anticipated new games are released. This form of targeted promotion is used to encourage players to test the game and see whether they like it. They’re mostly publicized by the developers of the game software that is up for promotion, casino platforms and game providers on social media.

In some other cases, a game specific bonus may be given for a particular game or category of game. It could be for movie adaptation slot games, or for even virtual roulette games. If you spend a lot of time playing a particular game, you should look out for the mentioned bonuses. With them, you can enjoy more of your cherished games at a lesser cost!

What Casino Offers are the most popular in Matched Betting?

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