Gubbed yet on the way to £25K! 'MrT' shows what's really possible.


2 Sep 2020

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work as a part time laboratory technician and took a few shifts in a cafe to supplement income, which would probably lead to a first bit of advice not to believe in the hype about degrees giving access to great paying jobs - science ones don't!

When did you start Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator?

July 2018, yes I kind of missed the majority of the World Cup that year which was a bit silly when I think about it, but I had actually known about Profit Accumulator since 2014 and really should have signed up long before then.

Do you remember who you were first gubbed by and when?

Betway (I am sure like most people) about a month after signing up.

How many bookmakers are you gubbed with in total now?

Out of 105 bookmakers I have 25 accounts closed or sportsbook banned, 15 gubbed with massive stake restrictions, 30 Gubbed with some form of restrictions.

Did you try any methods to prevent yourself being gubbed? Which methods would you recommend to others?

When I started there were just too many offers and the money was spread too thinly for me to be able to be able to really do much 'mug' betting, plus I was taking very high % matches which might be more profitable but are not as healthy so it is better to take them around 90-95% when you are getting a guaranteed free bet as you still make good profit.

With my few accounts still alive I have switched to mainly inplay betting which seems to be keeping them healthy and instead of losing a guaranteed 50p or so on a mug bet I would rather place a long shot accumulator using selections which are really bad matches on the Oddsmatcher which hopefully looks good to any software they use to check your account.

Also, if there is a site with good sports reload offers but no welcome bonus I would recommend signing up to the site via a casino and maybe spinning £10 through a low variance game as this would not mark your account as being focused on sports right from the start.

What kind of offers do you do to make money now? Which offers do you feel are your best earners?

Most offers I do now are refunds, but those account for a much smaller percentage of my earnings next to arbing (which is mostly done inplay) and I would take this opportunity to remind any readers that arbing is really bad for your account health and inplay is especially dangerous and carries a very real risk of losing money if you are not well practised so do NOT go jumping into it lightly.

How do you think your earnings today compare with your earnings before getting gubbed?

Ironically, my earnings are higher since I had all my active accounts but I would attribute this to two things:

1. When I started I was understandably cautious and was very unwilling to pour thousands of pounds into matched betting so had a smaller bank and could do less offers.

2. I am now much faster at placing bets, and recognise a good value offer. I also recognise the difference between a bookie you should absolutely work to keep your account healthy and those which have little other value then arbing and to hit those lesser ones hard when the opportunity arises as you never know if you will get another shot.

How much time do you usually spend Matched Betting now?

It probably averages 5 hours a day, a lot of my time is spent watching the Oddsmatcher, scanning the forums for offers and profitable information, and doing inplay betting. Anyone who says they are a long term matched bettor that makes £1000s a month with only an hour a day is a liar - the money is there to be made, but it takes time!

Do you have any advice or tips for those who have been gubbed and who are wondering how to keep making money?

Build your own Oddsmatcher filters, the Oddsmatcher is a good tool but it is a bit much to expect of it to scan every single bookie for every event taking place in the next week, narrow down the searches and it will surprise you with arbs you never knew were there. Also, dont be scared to push your luck with gubbed bookies- complain bitterly when they gub or restrict you instead of lying down and taking it, cite any sort of regulation you can think of such as them not being allowed to restrict you during an offer and threaten to refer the case to IBAS, it will most likely lead to nothing but I have had two accounts ungubbed doing this so is worth trying. Lastly, practice inplay betting with small stakes (you should be doing this for some weekly clubs anyway) and once you build up your skills you should be ready to arb inplay at higher stakes.

How much have you made Matched Betting overall and what do you like to spend your profits on?

Working my way towards £25000 so I can definitely say it is the most profitable hobby I have ever had, but I tend not to buy massive treats for myself, it is more a case of every time I go out shopping or for a meal out or just about any expense I can think that this is essentially free thanks to Profit Accumulator !

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