UFC Betting Guide

UFC Betting Guide

UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is a relatively new combat sport that has quickly built up a large and loyal fanbase. The first time this sport was unveiled to the world was November 12th 1993 in Denver, USA. It was pitched as battles between different fighting styles that could only end “via knockout, submission or death”. From these small beginnings, the UFC has grown into a multi-billion pound industry that has reached across the globe. It has been thrust even more into the limelight after the crossover fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr in boxing.

UFC Basics

The UFC is a form of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the fighting doesn’t take place in a ring, as you would see in boxing or wrestling, but inside an Octagon. The Octagon is an eight-sided octagonal padded mat enclosed by fenced walls - it measures 30 feet across. Fights are conducted over 5 rounds of 5 minutes for the main event or championship fights and 3 rounds for non-championship fights. In comparison in boxing, fights are normally over 12 rounds of 3 minutes duration. Back to UFC and during these fighting rounds, only the two fighters and the referee are allowed to be in the Octagon.

Fighting Styles

As the term mixed martial arts suggests there are many different types of fighting styles on view in the UFC.

  • Kickboxing
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Taekwondo
  • Karate

Most fighters will not stick to just one style of fighting, instead, they will choose to combine a mixture of styles.

Weight Classes

There are many different weight classes in UFC for men and women. At the time of writing these weight divisions are:

UFC Male Weight Divisions

Heavyweight - 265lb
Light Heavyweight - 205lb
Middleweight - 185lb
Welterweight - 170lb
Lightweight - 155lb
Featherweight - 145lb
Bantamweight - 135lb
Flyweight - 125lb
Strawweight - 115lb

UFC Female Weight Divisions

Featherweight - 145lb
Bantamweight - 135lb
Strawweight - 115lb

Winning A Fight

A fight can be won through a number of ways:

Submission: a fighter can win by submission if their opponent taps the mat, verbally submits or communicates in such a way that the referee stops the fight

Knockout: a fighter is knocked unconscious from a legal strike

Technical Knockout (TKO): TKO can be applied to three categories:

  • Referee Stoppage - The referee can stop the fight if they believe that the fighter is not fit to continue
  • Corner Stoppage - The fighters corner can stop the fight if they believe that the fighter is not fit to continue
  • Doctor Stoppage - The ringside doctor can halt the fight if they believe that the fighter is not fit to continue.

Judges Decision: Ringside judges score the fighters' performance to decide the winner. Judges awards fighters 10 points for winning a round and 9 points for losing a round. If the fight finishes without a clear winner then the points are tallied up to decide the winner of the bout.

Disqualification: A fighter breaks the rules and is disqualified

Forfeit: A forfeit can occur if the fighter refuses to fight for reasons other than injury

No Contest: If something occurs that leaves a fighter unable to continue through an accidental illegal act the fight can be declared no contest dependant on the number of rounds that have taken place.

Betting On UFC

As the following of UFC grows so does the interest in bookmakers and the markets offered. Big UFC events are now met will a range of different promotions from bookies keen to get your custom and you will find that the vast majority of bookies will offer a number of different markets on fights.

Selected markets can include:

Fight Winner

The most popular market to bet on and pretty straight forward. For this, you are betting on the winner of the fight, by any means.

Method of Victory

For this one you are not only picking out who you think will win but also how they will win. So for example “Fighter A by Knockout”. This will provide you with higher odds in comparison to the fight winner market

Total Rounds

For this, you will be betting on the total number of rounds in the fight. So if you think it will finish early you go low and if you think it will last longer go high.

Round Betting

This market involves betting on a specific round for the fight to end in, for example round 3.

Round and method of victory

With this betting market, you not only have to correctly identify the round in which the fight will be won, but also the method of victory. For example, this could be round 2 and technical knockout. This is obviously a step up from just round betting or method of victory betting, this will be reflected in the odds however.

How To Win Betting On UFC

UFC, like boxing, can be very hard to predict and big shocks do and have happened. How then can you win by gambling on UFC? In the long run the bookies will always be ahead so it is highly unlikely that you will profit from continuous betting on UFC. There is a way though that you can lock in profit from betting on UFC regardless of the outcome, this is through the technique of Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator. Read on to find out more.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a way of taking advantage of the hundreds of free bet offers dished out by bookies. Although it has betting in the name there is no real gambling involved as, unlike normal betting, we cover all possible outcomes of an event. This means regardless of the result we can make profit and turn those free bets into real cash!

Keen to Get Involved?

The great news is you don’t need to be a sports fan or betting fanatic to sign up and use Profit Accumulator. Many of our members are not sports fans and had never placed a bet in their lives but that doesn’t stop them from making some tax-free cash.

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