New Feature: In Progress Section

David Bagshaw

29 May 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

We’re excited to announce a new feature on our site.

It’s something that has been requested a few times from members and as far as we know we’re only matched betting company so far to offer it.

What Is The New Feature?

The new feature is an ‘In Progress’ section, where you can mark offers as being in progress.

If you look on the offer write-up pages (on the main site, not on the forum) you will now see a new button on the left hand side underneath the ‘Mark As Complete’ button.

When you press this new orange button, the offer you were browsing is added to a new page.

If you look on the top of the screen, there is now an ‘In Progress’ section alongside ‘Complete’ and ‘Incomplete’. This feature works much in the same way as the ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ filters. You now have a middle ground, so you can add an offer to the list so you have a record of what you are currently waiting for.

When the offer has been added, you need to manually add the ‘Due Date’. This is the date when your free bet will be credited, or just when you want a reminder about it.

You also have the ability to add a note to the offer, and manually add an offer directly on this screen. The offer has to come from the dropdown because it hooks in with other features on our site (gubbed filter, Profit Tracker etc), so it has to be chosen from a pre-populated list of the live offers we have on site at that point.

When the due dates approaches, the reminder will come in the form of a mobile notification (if you have that feature enabled).

There is also a list of the next 5 offers that are due on your dashboard

...and on the right hand side of the offers pages.

How Will It Help Me?

The main aim of the feature is to help you stay organised. There are a lot of offers on our site so staying organised is very important. Many people have spreadsheets or notebooks that they use, this is a digital version of that. Keeping track of what offers you are in the middle of doing is handy because it means you won’t miss anything.

Often free bets of free spins are credited after a certain number of days, specified in the terms and conditions. Now you can get reminders when those free bets are due to be credited.

This feature is available to Platinum members only. Please click here to upgrade and become a full platinum member.

If you’ve not yet signed up to our free trial, you can do that here. Sign up today, follow the video instructions and you will earn up to £45. No card details necessary and no obligation to purchase.

A Recap

You can now add offers to your in progress section. Here's how you do it:

  1. On the offer write up on the main site, press the orange button on the left if you wish to add an offer to your in progress section.
  2. Now go to the in progress section (by either clicking the link that appears after you add the offer, or the link along the top next to 'complete' and 'incomplete'). Add the date that you would like a reminder about the offer.
  3. Add any notes if needed, then click update. It's important you remember to click update after every change.
  4. If you wish, set up your mobile notifications to receive a message on the due date. Or you can find a list of the next 5 offers that are due, either on the right hand side of the offers screen or on your dashboard.

Platinum members, you can discuss this on the forum here. if you have any feedback or suggestions, please just let us know and we'll add it in.

Whilst You’re Here...We Have One More New Feature.

Following the launch of our new Acca Catcher software, we also updated the calculator. To complement this, we have added the calculator as a stand-alone advanced calculator. We now have 16 in total.

The main advantage of having this stand-alone version is that it is easily accessible through one link rather than having to navigate through the Acca Catcher software and set it up.

For more information on when it will be useful and when you might need to use it, as well as a detailed guide, please click here.

Click here to visit the new calculator.

...And One Updated Feature

We have added a new forum thread to the mobile notifications. You can now get notifications for the ‘William Hill/Ladbrokes Odds Boost Offers (NO CHAT)’ thread can now be added by going to your dashboard.

As we’ve mentioned previously. Our forum does have a mobile notification system in place already, it’s called Pushbullet. Unfortunately it’s not free (its £3.99 a month) but it is faster than the free option we provide and also you can get push notifications for all forum threads, not just the selected ones that we offer with our free version.

When it comes to price boosts sometimes time can make a big difference and you need to place your bets before the odds shift, so Pushbullet might be a better option.

What Is Matched Betting?

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Here at Profit Accumulator we help teach you how to earn money from matched betting. We have step by step video tutorials that you can follow, 7 day-a-week customer service with phone support in case you get stuck, various bits of software that help make the process easier and, the jewel in our crown, our forum.

The forum is filled with tutorials, insight and discussion about offers and matched betting in general. We have admin and mods on hand to answer any questions, and also a great community of like minded matched bettors who can help guide you on your journey. Most of our members find that our forum is worth the membership fee alone.

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