Not started Matched Betting yet? Here's what you're missing out on!


9 Jul 2021

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Each and every day that you don’t join Profit Accumulator is another chance missed to put some extra cash into your bank account.

In this article, I’m going to explain the different methods that you could use as a Profit Accumulator member to make money.

I’ll include posts from some of the 150,000 paying members that we’ve had since 2014, to show you the amazing results that you could achieve.

By the end, I’m sure you’ll be ready to grab yourself a membership and get stuck in!

Free Membership

We offer all new Profit Accumulator members a completely free trial.

On this trial, we'll walk you through all the basics of sports matched betting so that you know exactly how to get started.

You'll have access to detailed guides for two bookmaker bonuses, as well as partial software access, to make up to £40 profit.

If you haven't already, you can grab your free trial here.

Platinum Level Membership: What's Included?

Let’s kick things off with a quick breakdown of what you get as a Platinum member.

Sports Signup Offers

The best place to start is with the sports signup offers.

We provide you with extensive video guides and super easy to follow written guides that will quickly get you up to scratch on sports matched betting.

There are over 60 sports signup offers, each explained in simple, step-by-step instructions.

From these offers, you could expect to extract around £600-£650 of initial profit.

Sports Reload Offers

Sports reload offers are promotions that bookies dish out to their existing customers.

Profit Accumulator provides members with an extensive list of sports reload offers. This is updated daily, and each offer includes a full guide so that you know exactly how to extract the most profit.

Depending on how much time you have available, there is the potential to make very significant profits from sports reload offers every month. We're talking hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

Sports reload offers can provide you with amazing profits over the long term.

Shaun's a perfect example of this, having banked over £7500 profit in his first year using Profit Accumulator.

Join our Facebook Group and you can ask Shaun and thousands of our other members all about Matched Betting and our services.

We've even got members who've been using Profit Accumulator for years, and who continue to make a regular profit.

Rugby fan Al started on our free trial all the way back in 2016. 4 and half years later and he's made over £40,000 profit! You can check out his story in a member interview here!

Awesome Member Support

Our customer support team is made up of highly experienced Matched Bettors.

We’re always happy to help, so if you ever have any questions, make sure you get in touch!

We're available 7 days a week, and we will always go the extra mile to answer your questions and give you the best experience possible!

We've received almost 1,500 reviews on Trustpilot, with a TrustScore of 4.8/5!

Extra Features

As a Platinum member, you’ll also benefit from:

  • All Essential Matched Betting Tools & Software - amazing tools like our Oddsmatching Tool with betting exchange integrations, matched betting calculators, profit tracker, and plenty more. All designed to make matched betting as profitable and efficient as possible.
  • Community Forum - an amazing community made up of thousands of members all actively helping each other achieve amazing results from matched betting
  • 0% Commission at Smarkets Betting Exchange - an incredible opportunity to save on commission when matched betting. Currently available until 31st July 2021 (but very likely to be extended).

Diamond Level Membership: What's Included?

As a Diamond member, you’ll get access to all of the amazing features mentioned above, plus the following epic features!

Casino Signup Offers

Like bookies giving out free bets to new customers, casinos love dishing out rewards, like free spins, to new players.

As a Diamond member, you’ll get detailed guides to nearly 150 casino signup offers.

In total, these offers have an expected average profit of over £2100, so the potential profits are amazing!

Plus, when you're hitting the casino offers - there's the added bonus that you could hit a big - even HUGE - jackpot too!

Casino Reload Offers

It doesn’t stop there, there are lucrative casino reload offers announced every single day.

As a Diamond member, you would have access to our super extensive list of casino reload offers.

These provide an amazing opportunity to make big profits, far beyond what’s possible from sports offers alone.

To give you an idea of just how lucrative casino offers can be, we studied the total value of all reload offers listed on Profit Accumulator in March and April this year.

We found that in total, there was over £3,000 in expected profit available each month.

(This doesn't even include profits available from the daily 'pop-up' price boosts posted by our team and members in our community forum - which can often easily add another £500, or even £1000+, of additional potential profit per month!)

Of that total, there was £1,869.71 in expected value from casino offers in March, and £1,672.41 in April.

That means if you choose to only do sports offers on our Platinum Membership, you are more than halving the amount of potential profit you would have access to with our Diamond Membership.

This is a huge reason to get yourself a Diamond membership.

The potential profits really are amazing.

Look at these results achieved just from casino offers by one of our forum users, Zozobets.

And they’re not alone. So many of our members are achieving fantastic ongoing profits from casino reload offers.

Just check out some of the monthly profits members have reported from casino offers recently.

You can read more about our members' results here.

If you become a Diamond member, follow our guides and consistently complete the offers, there’s no reason why you couldn’t achieve similar results.

You could even end up following in the footsteps of one our elite members, like Alun, who has made over £100,000 from Matched Betting sports and casino offers.

Casino Tools

Diamond includes casino tools and software like a full slots database and the specially developed Casino Simulator.

These tools are perfect for ensuring we always take the optimal approach to maximise our profits.

Casino Support

We’re on hand 7 days a week to provide you with fast and friendly advice. Between us, we have years of experience making money from casino offers, so you can be sure that you’ll always get expert advice.

You’ll also gain access to the casino section of the community forum, an amazing place to get extra support, and get tips and advice from members who are profiting from casino bonuses every day.

Access To New Features

Here at Profit Accumulator HQ, we’re constantly working on new ways to help our members make money.

That means we regularly release new guides and tools aimed at helping you maximise your profits, whilst making completing offers as quick and easy as possible.

As a Diamond member, you’ll get access to new features that we release.

Trust me, there are some epic new features on the way!

Ready To Get Profiting?

If you're a completely new member, then all you need to do is grab your Diamond Level Membership here to start profiting today!

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Want to know more?

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Our Facebook Group, which has over 30000 members, is a great place to ask for help and ask questions, especially if you are new to Matched Betting.

Alternatively you can also contact us directly for support too.

*We're legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results. The amount of money that you earn can vary dependent on the time and effort that you commit each month.