Aspects of US sports for UK betting fans to consider


22 Jul 2020

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

From cricket to the Premier League and beyond, there is a whole host of top-quality sporting action available to us here in the UK. However, despite that, a growing number of fans have also gone on to develop an interest in some of the top sports taking place on the other side of the Atlantic.

The success of US sports on these shores has been highlighted by the fact that NFL matches have been held at Wembley a number of times across the last decade or so, while our very own sporting stars have also shown an interest in what’s happening across the pond.

For example, last year Sky Sports revealed how Harry Kane had been named an official ambassador for the NFL Academy, while Premier League greats like Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney have also headed to the US to play in the MLS. Furthermore, you might be one of the number of people who have settled down on their sofas to watch The Last Dance on Netflix in recent months.

Increasing appetite

While such trends mean that we’re perhaps seeing a few more NFL, NBA, and NHL jerseys on our streets these days, there is also an increasing appetite for betting on such sports as well.

But, if you’re only just getting into US sports or are completely new to many of them, how do you ultimately get started with placing bets on the biggest matches and events? Here, we offer up a few hints and tips which should help you on your way.

1. Find your focus

Is there a specific US sport that you have always had an interest in? If so, it might well be the one you should concentrate on when getting started with betting. After all, you’ll no doubt be loaded with information and knowledge that could stand you in good stead when it comes to decision time.

However, if you’re totally new to US sports, you should go out and find the niche that is best suited to you. This could be an opportunity to immerse yourself in something completely new or, if you’re seeking the familiar, you could consider following the football stars involved in MLS. Whatever choice you make, you should then get started with research. Consider the form of teams, look at recent results and think about other issues affecting squads including injuries.

2. Get the best odds

As anyone who regularly bets on sport will know, there are so many different betting brands out there at the moment. This means you should take time to look at where you can get the best odds for a specific game or event and whether one site is perhaps better suited to what you are trying to achieve than others. Put simply, do not just settle for the first site you find.

One option could be to seek out sites that specialise in US sports betting. However, new fans may not be looking to commit solely to these platforms. For example, if you already play slot games online, you can combine your interest in such games with sports betting by choosing a casino that offers both. Many online casinos offer odds on American sporting, helping new and experienced bettors find the best option when it comes to getting into the US sports betting scene while offering something different in the form of casino and slots gameplay to mix things up.

3. Bonus benefits

Anyone who has dipped their toes into the world of matched betting will know about the many different promotions that sports betting sites offer. With that in mind, do your research and seek out good deals which could be useful as you get started.

If you’re keen to bet on a major event like the Super Bowl, bear in mind that some sites might even offer special promotions related to them. As such, keeping your ear to the ground on new deals is a no-brainer.

A fascinating area

So many incredible sporting events are held all over the world, but US sports certainly seem to generate a special kind of fascination among many people.

It feels like more and more of us are looking to America for an extra sporting fix at the moment, and developing an interest in the likes of baseball and basketball opens up a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to betting. Hopefully the ideas above have given you some food for thought on how to get started with wagering on US sports.

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