Football betting – what’s still available?


5 May 2020

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

If you’ve been thinking about starting matched betting for a while, or have just found out about it recently, you are probably wondering, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, if it’s even possible still to do at the moment.

Well, you’ll be happy to know it’s very possible and still just as profitable as it’s ever been!

There are still football games happening around the world, mainly in Belarus and Turkmenistan. More are also due to start this weekend (8th May 2020) in South Korea. If you’ve signed up to our free trial you can easily check all the available football odds today and find some good matches.

If you’re just starting matched betting and are ready to make your first profits on the Coral offer football is definitely the best sport for you to choose to do your matched bets on. This is because football odds are relatively stable throughout the day and tend to be lower on average than odds on horse racing are. This means you’ll need less balance to cover your liability in the betting exchange.

Why it’s really worth starting matched betting now

The English Premier League is working hard to find a way to finish the 2019/2020 season off. So too are various other top football leagues in Europe such as the Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A in Italy. When these leagues do find a way to start the bookmakers are going to go crazy giving out offers to their customers to get them back betting again. It’s very likely there may be days due to packed match schedules where it will feel like offers (and therefore profits) are just being thrown at us. To get the most out of these offers it will be essential to already be a customer – which is why it’s really important to get signed up to as many bookmakers as you can right now and get all their signup offers done and dusted.

With our Platinum Membership there are more than 70 bookmakers you can sign up too which have around £700 in initial profits available to you through matched betting. These offers will take a bit of time to do which is why we are recommending starting now – before sports come back in force. If you decide to wait it is likely you will miss out on a lot of opportunities to make some very good profits in the near future.

Want to get involved?

Don't want to miss out? Sign up to our free trial here to complete your first two signup offers and make around £40 in profit. It only takes around an hour or so of your time and all your profits are tax-free!

It’s also worthwhile joining the Facebook Group as there are over 5000 members there ready to help you, offer advice and show you the best ways to profit.