La Liga Returns!


12 Jun 2020

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Yes! Messi and company are back as La Liga – Spain’s equivalent of the English Premier League – returns today! Fantástico!

What does this mean for those of us Matched Betting? Hopefully lots of extra profits with Bet365’s and Paddy Power’s 2up (early payout) offers for which all La Liga games qualify for!

We’ve already had some very decent profits from 2up early payouts on the German Bundesliga in recent weeks, and now with La Liga’s return we’re going to have even more opportunities to profit.

La Liga has been one of the most exciting leagues for the 2up reload offer ever since the Villarreal vs Barcelona game last April when this happened...

All of us who had Barcelona to win immediately got paid out early at Bet365 and/or Paddy Power. As it was only 16 minutes into the game it was worth waiting to see what would happen next before cashing-out as Villarreal could potentially comeback and give us better (higher) odds to cash-out on. This turned out to be the wise decision to make, as 5 minutes into the second half of the game, this happened!

All of us who’d picked Barcelona were now very happy – here was a perfect opportunity to cash-out a good chunk of our lay bet for a very good guaranteed profit indeed. The only decision we had to make though was on how much to cash-out. Villarreal were suddenly looking as if they could win the game and after all there was still 40 minutes to go – a 50% cash-out at this point would have been a smart option.

Meanwhile, those of us who’d been on Villarreal from the start were sitting with that little bit of disappointment and jealousy that comes with having been on the wrong team. We didn’t end up staying disappointed for long though...

All of a sudden those of us on Villarreal were 2 goals ahead as well and Bet365 and Paddy Power were paying out early again! As the game was now at 80 minutes it made sense to pretty much do a full, or at least a 75%, cash-out if you’d been on Villarreal from the beginning.

For those with profit still to cash-out on Barcelona the odds at this point were the best they were ever going to be (very high as Barca were now losing by 2 goals!). Cashing-out any remaining profit was definitely the best thing to do now.

As there obviously hadn’t been enough excitement in the game already, suddenly cards started flying around as well and at 86 minutes a Villarreal defender saw red. That was surely the last hurrah of the game...or maybe not...

OK so Messi at least got the final word in with an absolutely awesome goal from a free-kick.

Was it really the final word though?

Not with Suarez around no!

What a game of football, and more importantly what a game for 2up and matched betting!

Although we’d all made some great profits cashing-out throughout the game, the few that had decided to let the game ride out in full ended up as the real big winners this time around. They got paid out in full at the bookmaker(s) and the betting exchange.

There were even a couple of people who’d managed to get on both teams (one team at each of Bet365 and Paddy Power) and opted not to cash-out too. What a decision!

Rarely the, ‘Let it Ride’ strategy can pay off with 2up but we’d still always recommend using the ‘Lock-in Profit’ strategy approaches, cashing-out at least 75% of the lay bet when the game is going your way as then you’ll have profit. We always choose profit over possible profit every time.

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A note on the images used in this article:

All screenshots regarding the Villarreal vs Barcelona game in this article are courtesy of a Match Recap provided by Google, and are available here.