Soccer Saturday Super 6

Justin Legg

30 Jul 2019

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Soccer Saturday Super 6

Sky Bet, in association with Sky Sports, run a completely free to enter competition where the winning entrant can win up to £250,000 - and sometimes even more. Named Soccer Saturday Super 6, the competition was initially launched in 2008 off the back of the popularity of the Sky Sports’ ever-popular Soccer Saturday programme. Soccer Saturday, hosted by Jeff Stelling, is essentially a live score and update show which runs every weekend with stories and latest goals from all the big UK football action. The pundits on the programme will give their opinion on the big games of the day, including what they think the score will be.

That is exactly what the Super 6 competition is all about. You are provided with six 3 pm kick offs from a range of leagues (predominantly the Premier League) and you have to enter what you think the final score is. At times in the season, the Super 6 competition may run two times a week or more.

To enter you will need a Sky Bet account and once logged in you navigate to the Super 6 homepage and select Play For Free and then work through the games.

You can enter the scores either through using the up and down arrows, above and below the scores, or by typing directly into the score cells.

You also have to enter the minute you feel the first goal will go in for the selected games, which is used as a tiebreaker in the event of a tie. It is named Golden Goal Prediction, and you can set the minute of the goal by typing into the box. Situated just below the Golden Goal Prediction you have the option to ‘Challenge Jeff’, selecting this and if you beat Jeff Stelling’s prediction you will be entered into a draw to win £500.

Once you are happy with your selections hit submit and hope that your scores come in!

Sky provide you with stats for each fixture to help you predict the outcomes. Even without those though just have a guess, you can look at the pundits picks for inspiration if you wish to. Remember it is absolutely free to enter, completely risk-free and you could potentially win a big cash prize.

Make it more fun with Friends

You can make the Super 6 more interesting by creating your own custom leagues to take your friends on in.

Simply go to the league heading and select Create a League and you can then create your own private league competition among friends. Invite your friends with your unique code and you’re good to go!

Prizes That You Could Win

The standard top prize is £250,000 to the winner, or winners if they cannot be split by the tiebreaker. If you win the jackpot, so have correctly predicted six scores, then you will scoop the top prize. If you top the charts, but not the six correct scores, you get £5,000 with an additional £1,000 bonus if you correctly predict five correct scores. At times Sky will boost the jackpot prize up to a £1,000,000 payout, indeed this season there is a special £2,000,000 jackpot if there are two million entrants into the first round of fixtures. There is talk of additional prizes, as yet unannounced, to herald the 2019-2020 season.

Notable Prize Winners

The very first millionaire to be made by the Super 6 competition was 24-year-old Grace Berry. Grace, who initially thought the phone call notifying her of her win was a hoax and hung up, correctly predicted all six scores in 2017, Grace actually tied with two other entrants, but thanks to her correctly predicting the sixth minute for the golden goal she walked off with the jackpot. The other two unlucky entrants were awarded £25,000 consolation prizes.

More than one winner happens quite a bit but the number of winners for one week, in particular, stands out. In January 2015 an unbelievable 55 people correctly picked 6 correct scores and the £250,000 was split between them. They still pocketed £4,545 each but must have thought they had won the lot!