When is our beloved Premier League resuming? When will sports be back?


21 Apr 2020

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

We’re more than a month into the UK lockdown and it looks like it will be continuing, in one form or another, for some time yet.

Although the savvier ones among us (see why we're so savvy below!) have still been making profits matched betting, thanks mainly to the Belarusian Premier League, Horse Racing in the US and Australia, and e-sports, let’s all be honest – we still can’t wait until the Premier League comes back and for sports in general to return back to normal as well!

Well, the glass is half-full

The Premier League and other major sporting events around the world are worth a lot of money to a lot of people (not just us matched bettors!). Additionally, such events are also worth a lot, both socially and emotionally, to their fans - and arguably more so now than they have ever been before. Lockdown weekends would certainly go a lot faster if we all had the Premier League to watch.

These two reasons mean that if they can find some way, any way, to resume the Premier League, as well as other sports, than they will.

In fact some sports are already resuming, or are very close to resuming.

  • The Modus Icons of Darts 2020 is taking place with players competing from their homes via webcam. All betting markets are currently available on various bookmakers, including Betfair
  • The German Bundesliga, the German equivalent of the UK Premier League looks set to return as soon as the 9th May - but behind closed doors. The German Football League (DFL) is working hard to develop safe-guards to allow games to take place. If their strategies are successful then this could set a precedent for the UK Premier League and other top-flight leagues around the world to follow.
  • The PGA Tour is getting setup to start tournaments in June behind closed doors.
  • The US Open, due to take place at the end of August looks like it may also take place behind closed doors too – but the final decision will take place in June.

Time to get creative?

In addition to playing games behind closed doors, the Premier League could also look at the NBA’s route of potentially introducing rapid-testing for Covid-19 as soon as such tests become available.

Alternatively the Premier League could also consider Major League Baseball’s potential route of mass-isolation of all teams in one single location together until the league is played out. (We’re quite sure they’ll pick some very nice, far-off location knowing the Premier League).

As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If it even comes down to it desperate Liverpool fans and players might even accept a FIFA 20 alternative, or even, dare we say it, another ‘noughts and crosses’ twitter off to get the season finished and the cup to Anfield. As long as we can matched bet on it we don't much care! :)

There's a storm coming - so be prepared

We completely appreciate that your average profits from matched betting, although ticking along nicely still, have not been quite as good as in non-Covid-19 times (oh don’t we remember those days fondly now!). However, those of you that carried on and have kept building your profits have made a very savvy move.

Do you know why?

Because your bankroll is going to be ready for the absolute storm of reload offers that are going to hit us for each and every sport that comes back into action.

The bookmakers are going to be literally throwing them our way like they have never before as the competition between them to get customers betting with them is going to be phenomenal. Like nothing we've seen before. We are quite certain of it.

Just think – the big bookies especially - very likely have entire marketing teams dedicated just to the purpose of preparing for when the Premier League and other sports return.

They are getting prepared – and we need to be too.

So keep going and keep building that bankroll – you’ll be super happy you did when the reloads start rolling in as you'll be able to hit them all without a second thought.

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