Bet365 4/1 ITV Racing Offer - Follow This 1 Tip To Profit


12 Apr 2022

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

The Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer is one of the best horse racing refund offers around as you can bag yourself up to a £50 money back if you lose bet on specified ITV races.

As ITV Racing is on almost every day of the year, you will find that this offer is available nearly just as frequently.

In this article, you will find out what the Bet365 4/1 ITV Racing Offer is and how the offer works.

You will also discover how to make yourself some top profits by following our Number 1 Tip on how to cash in from this offer.

The Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer - Our Number 1 Tip To Help You Profit

The majority of punters will use their "money back if it loses - up to £50 bet" in the hope their next gamble will win. They will pick a horse based on it's recent form, which jockey is riding it, it's owner, if it looks good on the day etc. They will follow horse racing tips from popular tipsters or just go with their gut.

Whilst an existing customer offer like this at any time is great to have, instead of throwing it away on luck and chance, there is an alternative for you.

An alternative that can mean you end up in profit no matter what happens in the ITV race - regardless if your horse stomps home first, comes in place or drifts off to finish last.

Our Number 1 Tip for this offer is to use Matched Betting to lock in around £35 each time you use your up to £50 money back if it loses bet.

How Does The Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer Work?

The Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer gives you a money back if you lose bet worth up to £50 on an ITV race if you backed a winner at odds of 4/1 (5.0) or greater on the last ITV race.

This offer is for new and eligible Bet365 customers - if you can see the offer in your Bet365 promotions when logged in, you can take part in the offer. This offer may not be available to everyone.

The offer applies to featured races or ITV races that we highlight for you each day on the horse racing refunds section found in the Reload Offers.

The feature race offer and the ITV offer are separate. This means when you have a winner on the last feature race you need to place your money back if it loses bet on the next feature race. If you have a winner on an ITV race you need to place your money back if it loses bet on the next ITV race.

Feature races are listed here.

ITV races are listed here.

When you do back a winner at odds of 4/1 (5.0) or greater you can then place another bet on the next specified race, if this bet loses, Bet365 will refund the full amount as cash.

How To Make A Profit From The Bet365 4/1 Racing Offer

The best way to approach this offer is the same way you would with the other horse racing refunds. Place a back and lay bet using close bookmaker + betting exchange odds.

The main difference with the Bet365 4/1 offer is you can only do one race at a time. As you will need to wait to find out if your horse wins the race for you to qualify for the money back if it loses bet on the next race.

You can use the Match Catcher to help you find a close odds match.

The Match Catcher is available to all Platinum and Diamond members. This tool can help you by saving you time and keeping your qualifying losses as low as possible.

Instead of searching through odds manually, up-to-date prices are available in one place and the lay stake is included, so a separate Matched Betting Calculator isn't needed.

The key aspect like most horse racing refunds is keeping the qualifying loss to a minimum and to remember it is a long-term strategy.

Once you've found a good match using the Match Catcher, you can click on the save icon for that bet:

You will then see what lay stake you should use and what your qualifying loss will be by backing and laying this horse.

In this example, the qualifying loss is -£1.75 when using a £50 back stake at Bet365. Anything around -£2 is a good qualifying loss for this offer.

From here, you would place your Bet365 £50 bet and then head to Smarkets to place your lay bet.

Once you've done this, you can relax and wait for the race to finish.

If your horse does not win, then simply move on to the next race and repeat this process again.

If your horse does win, you get a money back if you lose bet on the next ITV or featured race.

To use your money back if you lose bet, load up the very next race that the offer applies to (so the next ITV race or next featured race) and find another good match at high odds.

Your money back if you lose bet is only valid for this next race so if you can't find any good matches on the Match Catcher, either wait until the last few minutes before the race starts or just take the best available bet.

This time, you will need to select Free Bet (SNR)

In this example, you would lock in £39.77 using your money back if lose bet on this horse.

You would then need to place a £50 bet - using your own money - and then lay the horse on Smarkets.

If the horse wins, you make an instant profit of £39.77 (in the above example).

If it loses, you would make a £10.23 loss, however, you would then get your £50 refunded as cash leaving you with an overall profit of £39.77.

An important point to remember is that you are only refunded for the first bet you place on that particular race. This is why you must only do one race at a time with the Bet365 4/1 offer.

The best part is, if your money back if it loses bet wins at Bet365, you get ANOTHER money back if loses bet on the next race.

If this happens, you just repeat the process using Free Bet (SNR) mode in the same way as you did the previous one.

As soon as your money back if it loses bet loses, you can move on to the next race and start over from scratch again.

We're legally required to state that there is no guarantee of specific results. The amount of money that you earn can vary depending on various factors.

Bet365 4/1 Offer Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this offer every day?

As tempting as it is, we advise to not do this offer every day.

Taking a lot of horse racing offers with Bet365 can get your account gubbed quickly so it is best to be selective.

ITV races are higher profile than featured races, so using only ITV races could help you blend in better as a normal punter to some extent.

Can I lock in profit each time with this offer?

It is possible to lock in a small profit of around £4 (using a £50 back stake) using the Bet365 4/1 offer using the Profit Accumulator Bonus Lock In Calculator.

This is a more advanced method that takes a little longer to complete which is why most members use the efficient method explained above.

You can see an example of how to lock in profit each time with this offer here.

Will I lose my money back if loses bet if I forget to place it on the next featured/ITV race?

Always keep in mind that if you do qualify for a money back if loses bet, you MUST place it on the next eligible race.

If not, the money back if it loses bet opportunity will be lost.

It’s therefore essential to know the result of the race as soon as possible to find out if your horse won. It is equally as important to know exactly when the next featured/ITV race is so you can use your £50 money back if it loses bet.

A helpful site to find out horse racing results fast is Sporting Life.

Do I have to use £50 bets?

You do not always have to use the maximum £50 stake.

Using a £50 stake for every horse racing bet you do may also draw attention to your account.

Instead, it might be a good idea to try mixing up your stake sizes to keep you under Bet365’s radar by not always taking the maximum value from the offer.

Using a smaller stake will also help keep your liability more manageable if you have a limited Matched Betting bankroll.

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