Choosing the Best Sportsbook for the New Sporting Season


7 Oct 2020

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The new sporting season is nigh, and everyone is gearing up. The players are returning to practice, and advertisers are concocting their messages.

Smart punters are already shopping for the best sportsbooks in the market. Finding the right place to place your bets is just as important as selecting the teams on which to bet.

With so many bookies to choose from, you can easily be spoilt for choice. Lucky for you, this five-step guide summarizes the most important steps you can take to make the right pick. Here you can find the best bookies for you to register with.

Step 1: Your Security is Paramount

In this age of increasing cases of cybercrime, security should be your most important concern. The safety of your personal information is just as important as keeping your money safe.

Criminals are very sophisticated today. While the global betting market is much safer than it was a few years ago, you could never be too careful with websites you give your money.

Conduct thorough research to make sure your options of potential sportsbooks are legitimate. Be sure that they hold valid licenses to operate in your country or region and have a good reputation. Strike off any gambling sites that have ever been blacklisted anywhere for deceitful practices.

Step 2: Compare the Odds

You now have a list of honest and legitimate sportsbooks on your list. The next step is to compare the odds of betting providers. As a bettor, your profitability depends on finding the best odds possible.

Depending on the sporting events you intend to bet on, take the time to compare what each sportsbook on your list has to offer. If you plan on betting on multiple sports, compare the odds for each sport separately. If need be, you can go with different sportsbooks for different events.

There is stiff competition between gambling sites for people just like you. Consequently, they strive to offer bettors the best odds, especially at the beginning of the sporting season. It would be unfortunate not to take advantage of this.

Step 3: Scrutinize Bonuses and Promotions

While still on sportsbooks competition, one way they attract and keep customers is through bonuses and promotions. Betting sites advertise their best features alongside what is in for you, the gambler.

The best sportsbooks are those that use a bonus-based reward system to appease customers. Such bonuses can make a huge difference in your wagers. Check the number and diversity of promotions the site offers and how many you are eligible.

There is a caveat to this step, though. Bonuses and promotions should not be a primary reason to settle on a sportsbook. Before making up your mind, take the time to read through the bonus and promotion requirements to avoid getting blind-sighted.

Step 4: Make Sure Payment Options Work for You

The best sportsbooks in the business today support almost every major payment method—these range from bank wires and major cards to new merchants and cryptocurrency.

However, you still have to check to make sure your favourite sites actually support your preferred payment methods.

Before you sign up with a gambling site, understand their cash out requirements. Read reviews to get a feel for their withdrawal speeds and customer service.

Another factor to check is the fees they charge for withdrawals. While it is understandable to levy a fee, the amount should be reasonable and acceptable to you.

Step 5: Go with a Trustworthy Platform

If you want to know how trustworthy a bookmaker is, just read former customers' complaints. If they lament that the site does not respond on time, or does but does not address the customer's issue, stay away from them.

The best betting platform is one that cares about its customers. After all, isn't that all they exist to do? To accept your money, update you on where it is and how much and when you can get it?

A sportsbook may be licensed and carrying out authentic business. However, if a bookie does not honour its customers with detailed responses, they are as good as scammers.


Finding the right sportsbook could be the difference between a fantastic gambling season and losing all your money. The process does not need to be overly complicated.

This five-step guide summarizes all you need to do to make the right pick. Follow it, and you are on your way to a lucrative sporting season. Please also always remember to gamble responsibly.