How Will The World Cup Impact The Premier League?


12 Nov 2022

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Due to the intense heat in Qatar at the height of summer, the biggest competition in football has been moved from its regular dates in June and July to November and December. That means this season, the FIFA World Cup will be held in the winter for the first time, and in the middle of the Premier League season.

Now only a couple of weeks away, the impact of the World Cup on the Premier League is already being felt by players, managers, and fans alike.

In both the lead-up to and the aftermath of the World Cup there is an absolutely packed schedule of games in the UK Premier League and many European Leagues. Crowded schedules mean there are more opportunities to profit than ever for us.


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When will the Premier League break for the World Cup?

In total, there will be just over a six-week break in domestic football while the Qatar World Cup is underway in the Middle East.

  • Sunday 13th of November: The last games of the first half of the 2022/2023 Premier League season will take place.
  • Monday 14th of November: Players start to depart to join their national teams for the Qatar World Cup.
  • Sunday 20th November: First group games, starting with Qatar v Ecuador and kick-off will be at 16:00 (UK).
  • Sunday 18th December: The World Cup will end on Sunday 18th December, with the final scheduled to take place at 15:00 (UK).

You can find full list of World Cup fixtures here.

When will the Premier League resume?

  • Monday 26th December (Boxing Day): A full schedule of fixtures is set for Boxing Day with 14 of the Premier League clubs in action across 7 fixtures.
  • Tuesday 27th December: The remaining 6 clubs (3 fixtures) will take place on Tuesday 27th December and Wednesday 28th December.
  • Friday 30th December and Monday 2nd January: Following these games, the Premier League clubs will then complete their next round of matches.

Overview of the key dates of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

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