Investing in sports vs. sports betting / sports gambling

Darren Sassienie

10 May 2019

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Is sports betting a form of investment, or simply another form of gambling?

Sports betting from an investment point of view, involves using a specific set of techniques and strategies to work the system in order to gain an advantage over bookmakers, so that you can receive a guaranteed return on your investment. Gambling on the other hand depends more on luck than skills, as the entire system is programmed to enable the bookmaker or betting company the overall profit.

Investing in sporting activities involves a set of skills, and knowledge of the game before you can hope to make a winning, or profit. Thankfully, these are skills that can be learnt, and knowledge that can be acquired in sports betting.

Choosing Your Investment

There are a number of sporting activities that you can invest in, from football league games like the English Premier League and English Championship League in the UK, to the NHL and NFL in the US, to La Liga in Spain, Basketball, Tennis, Dog racing and Horse racing. But because sports betting and each of these activities require a certain level of knowledge and familiarity with the techniques, it is recommended that you pick one or two, and focus your time and energy in skilling up in the relevant areas.

It is also vital that you stay on top of trends and events, so that you are always in the loop of what is happening as a small event may be all you need to make a profitable investment. Thankfully, with websites like JohnSlots, staying in the loop is not a problem.

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

Every investment portfolio has certain KPIs that tell you when an investment is a good deal and when you should pass over what looks like a good deal.

As an astute investor in sports, high quality data is gold. The more you know about the players involved in a particular match, and the dynamics of the game, the better you will be able to make an informed decision on how to place your investment stakes.

There are dozens of KPIs you should be on the look out for, but the key is to identify the one that gives you the best data so that you can get the best results.

Identify your risk quotient

Whether you call it investing or gambling, both activities involves an element of risk. In fact, investing in stock and share also carries with it an element of risk. Interestingly, both the person gambling on sporting activities and the person using techniques and strategies to invest in viable sporting activities will have to decide how much they are willing to risk. The difference is that the gambler tends to have a high-risk appetite and little control. The investor on the other hand has a threshold that they cannot go beyond, regardless of the lure of the game.

Where investors have a risk management strategy (and understand the importance of bet hedging), which minimizes loss, gamblers tend to play by the cuff of their sleeve, a situation that can lead to heavy losses.

The Bottom line

When you approach sports betting in a well-researched and strategic manner, you will enjoy long-term consistent returns, whereas while banking on luck may work for a while, it doesn’t result into sustainable profits.

In order to enjoy long term profits from investing in sports, it is best you establish an informed strategy, whether on your own or by signing up on a platform. This way, depending on the sporting activity and your level of investment, you can generate substantial revenue, with minimal losses.

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