Matched betting on Mumsnet & advice about work-from-home jobs for mums and dads

James McMath

24 May 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator is particularly popular with stay-at-home parents and there's quite a lot of talk about matched betting on Mumsnet. Many of our members use matched betting as a work-from-home job for mums and dads.

One of the main reasons matched betting appeals to full-time mums and dads is because it can be done to suit the individual - to fit around the demands of a busy family life.

It's highly profitable, tax-free and sustainable.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs for mums and dads are hard to come by, so matched betting suits many families. Profits are guaranteed and you do not have to be a sports fan or like gambling, it's just about following instructions and being organised.

Advice for matched betting mums and dads

Profit Accumulator member Jodie is a former civil servant, who is now a full-time mum. She uses matched betting to earn money every month.

She said: "Plan your time carefully. There tend to be fewer offers available earlier in the week. As it’s unlikely I’ll complete any offers then I’m more likely to arrange trips out for the day at these times. If I’m short on time but see offers available for a future date I’ll often put them in my diary to remind me to come back to them at a later point.

"Before I started matched betting, any spare time I had tended to be used doing the housework or looking at my phone for the latest Facebook updates. Now I squeeze in time for matched betting whenever I can. The result is that I do struggle to keep on top of the cleaning. But I’ve never really needed an excuse to avoid that if I’m being honest!

"I found the initial sign-up offers more time-consuming than the reload offers. So I tended to place these bets in the evenings or on an odd day when a grandparent might have had the children."

Matched betting on Mumsnet

Mumsnet has several forum threads dedicated to matched betting and advice on work-from-home jobs for mums and many users are Profit Accumulator members.

Devilishpyjamas said: "I'm on the introductory offers on Profit Accumulator. Really like PA so far. Having to go slowly as I had bugger all money to start, but my pot is building up slowly."

Monkeyfacegrace said: "I'm with PA. Purely because I'm lazy, and someone is always available 24/7 to sort out my messes for me!

"I started with £80 float, and got to £2k from the sign up offers and a few reloads. Casino and bingo are easy, I just avoided the ones with huge rollovers as I get bored!

"It's getting harder now as I'm not too confident on the horse refunds and the footy accas but I'll get there. Slow and steady and all that."

SoftKittyWarmKitty said: "I started matched betting at the end of Jan and made about £180 in the first month, doing only a couple of bets a week. I'm with Profit Accumulator which is great as it walks you through your first few bets with videos and demos - that's in the free bets and in some of the beginner bets you get access to when you join up properly.

"When you've done a few it gets easier as you get used to the process but you still get instructions for each bet. They also have an oddsmatcher, a calculator to work out what your back and lay bets should be, and a forum. It's a one-stop-shop for matched betting."

Matched betting for new mums

PA member Jen started matched betting when she returned to work after maternity leave.

She said: "We’d be really struggling with money without it so it takes the pressure off, knowing I’m not using our savings to buy routine things.

"So far I’ve paid for Christmas and we are about to go a holiday to the Caribbean. After that’s all paid for, I’m looking to save to get some things done in the house and hopefully get a little extra paid off our mortgage."