Paddy Power's 110ft Theresa May flipping Vs at Europe

James McMath

21 Jun 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Paddy Power are famous for their outlandish publicity stunts and they've just unveiled their latest.

It's a 110ft cut-out of Prime Minister Theresa May flipping the Vs in the direction of Europe from the white cliffs of Dover.

The press release issued on behalf of Paddy Power is as follows...

The mischievous bookie is trying to offer the PM some ‘strong and stable’ support – though are not ruling out May performing another EU-turn, and backing out of Brexit altogether.

Punters expecting the ‘Queen of U-turns’ to make the biggest 180 yet can get odds of 20/1 for May pulling out of negotiations entirely, keeping Britain inside the EU after all.

That’s if she manages to last the two-year period… Paddy Power makes it ODDS ON that more than one Prime Minister will be involved in Brexit talks (2/7) – and just 13/8 that a second General Election will be called this year.

In fact, she is now massively odds on to resign before Corbyn (1/12) with Mr Brexit, David Davis the new favourite to succeed her as PM (11/4) – ahead of Boris Johnson (7/2) and Corbyn (4/1), who have both drifted overnight.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “I’m really proud of this statue, if only because it’s the first time that I can legitimately claim to have a huge erection.

“We tried to make the installation look as life-like as possible to Theresa May – which is why it’s two-dimensional and largely wooden.

“During construction, it was both strong and stable, but soon went weak and wobbly when the winds changed – about as stable as a partnership with the DUP.”