What Is No-Risk Matched Betting UK?

Jordan Atkinson

8 Dec 2017

Updated: 16 Feb 2023

Matched Betting, as long as done correctly, is considered to be a no-risk betting technique that can guarantee profit using free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers and betting exchanges in the UK. It is based on a mathematical equation rather than chance and therefore is frequently described by those who do it as "risk-free".

(There is always a risk of human error in Matched Betting, but if you follow the Outplayed Matched Betting guides, and use the specialist software provided by Outplayed the chance of making a mistake is minimal).

How No-Risk, Or Risk-Free Matched Betting UK Works

When it comes to Matched Betting, if you understand the basics then it doesn't take much more to understand the concept as a whole:

The General Idea

Bookmakers offer incentives in the form of free bets as a way to entice new customers. Matched Betting requires the placing of two bets to trigger these offers - one on the bookmaker website to get the free bet and one on a betting exchange to cover any losses. Once these two bets are over you will be credited with your free bet amount. You then repeat the process with your free bet and when the two bets are over you will be able to cash your profit out. Once you get the hang of it, it really is very easy.

The Back Bet

The back bet is basically a traditional bet carried out on a bookie website. You place your money and select a certain team to win, for example. This qualifies you for the bookmakers offer.

The Lay Bet

The lay bet is placed on a betting exchange, such as Matchbook or Betfair. You select the exact opposite result compared with your back bet. For example, you would select the team to lose or draw.

The Result

The result once the two bets have ran is: you are neither up nor down money; simply even. However, you will now have the free bookmaker money in your account. Go through the same process: back your bet using your free money on the bookmaker website, then lay the bet on an exchange. An example of how much profit you would get is: if the free bet is worth £20, expect to cash out around £14-17 in profit.

Not bad for 5 minutes work?

How Much Can Be Made With Matched Betting?

If you're new to Matched Betting then the offers are thick and fast (click here). There are tens and tens of bookmakers in the UK and they all over incentives for signing up. If you simply work your way through the signup offers then you can expect to make around £600 from those alone. At Outplayed, we have had over 150,000 paying customers since we started in 2014 (formerly as Profit Accumulator). The system works!

To get an idea of how much can be made with Matched Betting we recommend you visit our highly active, free Facebook Community.

Once you are done with the bookmaker sign-up offers you can move on to sports existing customer offers (reload offers), casino offers and bingo offers. They are also very profitable and will enable you to continue to make cash quite quickly.

Do The Offers Keep Coming?

If you've completed all of the signup, casino and bingo offers then you can move on to what's called reload offers. These are incentives offered by bookmakers to keep their existing customers placing bets with them. They are introduced almost daily and never dry up. It is slower in terms of profit compared to the signup offers as you have to wait each day for new ones to be introduced, however, they do still come. They can be more complicated to complete initially but as with everything in matched betting; once you do it a couple of times it becomes second nature.

Making Matched Betting Easier

Matched Betting can be time-consuming if you're manually searching for offers, using multiple spreadsheets and calculators to work out your profit and bet amounts. At Outplayed we have a full-time offers team who search all the bookmakers, casinos and bingo sites to bring you the most up-to-date offers. Our reload offers are updated daily and compiled for you along with an estimated profit total. It takes all the hours out of scarring hundreds of websites yourself searching for offers.

We also offer over 15 matched betting calculators, designed to complete multiple types of offers, as well as:

  • Offers Calendar - Daily view of available offers
  • Oddsmatching - Designed to help you find a suitable lay bet
  • Match Catcher - There to help you maximise profits from horse racing refunds
  • Acca Catcher - Guarantees profit from football accumulator bets
  • Dutching Calculator - Helps cover all outcomes with bookmaker bets
  • Each Way Calculator - Designed to help you calculate lay stakes for each way bets
  • Profit Tracker - Keep track of all your profit from matched betting

Outplayed (formerly Profit Accumulator)

We've been running since 2014 and have had over 150,000 paying customers in that time. We help people make more spare cash to spend on the things they love. With Matched Betting, how much you can make depends on how much time you devote to it.

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If you're interested in getting started we offer a free trial that lets you test the waters and earn up to £40: