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10 Feb 2021

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

If you want to be really successful with Matched Betting learning how to use our tools properly is very important. When you know how to use them to their fullest extent they can help you so much.

In this guide we’re going to walk you through all the features of our Oddsmatching Tool and, more importantly, show you how you can use them to your best advantage. We will include a few examples of how it can be set up to help you find and place your Matched Bets.

This guide is specifically for our Platinum or Diamond Members who have completed a lot, or all, of the Sportsbook signup offers and who are either slowly transitioning to reload offers or who are now only doing reload offers. Even if you know the Oddsmatching Tool filters relatively well, the tips section of this guide may prove useful for you.

We recommend existing Platinum/Diamond Members to watch our awesome video guide here about using the Oddsmatching Tool first before reading this guide too.

Finding bets fast using the Oddsmatching Tool filters

What and where are the filters?

The filters appear in the top section of the Oddsmatching Tool and are there to help you customize the search results that appear.

We can split the filters into four sections:

The Custom Filters are the ones you use when you need the Oddsmatching Tool to find bets for you that fit a specific requirement.

The Pre-set and Self-made Filters are a drop-down list of pre-made filters set up and saved either by the Outplayed team or by yourself. (Useful note: if you’ve completed all the signup offers you can remove the signup offer options from the Pre-set filter drop down list by clicking the ‘Settings’ button then check the ‘Hide Simple Filters’ box and ‘Save’).

The Bookie Filter is a drop down list of all available bookmakers which you can use to select a single bookmaker that you want to appear on the results of the Oddsmatching Tool. (The ‘Bookmaker’ filter that sits within the Custom Filters differs from this as it allows you to tell the Oddsmatching Tool for search for results from multiple bookmakers at once. In the majority of cases you will likely use the Bookie Filter over the Bookmaker Custom Filter).

The Specific Search Filter is a search function that you can use to narrow down the Oddsmatching Tools search results to a very specific event or bet outcome (e.g. English Premier League).

How are you best to use the filters to find bets?

Members will tend to use the Oddsmatching Tool filters in two different ways:

  • For ‘one-off’ reload offers they do
  • For any reload offers they might do on a weekly basis (which they achieve through saving filter customizations to use again quickly in the future)

We provide a few walk-through examples of both of these approaches below:

‘One-off’ reload example walk-through

A good example of using the filters for a ‘one-off’ reload offer would be for Bet365’s Bet £50 Get £50 in-play offer. Although we can hazard a good guess, we never know with certainty exactly when Bet365 are going to send us this reload offer, so it provides us a good opportunity to use the Oddsmatching Tool filters to find us a good Qualifying Bet quickly.

If we wishfully pretend that Bet365 have decided to invite us to do their Bet £50 Get £50 in-play offer on an upcoming game between Everton and Tottenham (at time of writing kick-off for this game was on 10th February 2021 at 20:15) we can use the Oddsmatching Tool filters to quickly find the best available Qualifying Bet on this specific game.

First we select to filter results by Sport: football. (We tend to always select the sport of an offer 'to play it safe’ as there may be a stray basketball game, rugby game or even a horse that might pop up otherwise!)

Next we select to filter results by the Exchanges: Smarkets and Matchbook only (as this is where we happened to have a lot of balance available and 0% commission as well).

Then we select the Availability (liquidity at the Exchanges) to be a minimum of £50 (which is the same amount as our back stake at Bet365 for ease).

We then use the Bookmaker Quick Filter to select Bet365 as the bookmaker and then also narrow the search time-frame down to within the next 3 days.

Finally, in the Specific Search Filter we write ‘Everton’ – which in this instance, in combination with the other filters, is enough to bring up only results for the game we are interested in. Alternatively we could have written the whole name of the game: ‘Everton v Tottenham’.

To double check the filters have been applied properly we then need to click the ‘tick’ button to confirm the search results are showing correctly.

The Oddsmatching Tool results then show us that the best Qualifying Bet currently available for us to bet on is Everton to win, closely followed by the Draw and then by Under 2.5 goals. As Everton to win has the best Rating (95.75%) it will have the smallest Qualifying Loss so we would go with that for this offer (if it were a real offer!)

From here we could then go to place our back bet at Bet365 then use our integration with Smarkets to place our lay bet from the Oddsmatching Tool.

If Bet365 had required minimum odds on this offer, we would have just added that into the Custom Filter Min/Max Odds as well. Many other reload offers tend to have minimum odds requirement so this is useful to know about.

Possible weekly reload example walk-through (saving filters for future use)

A good example of using the filters for a possible weekly reload offer (or offers!) would be for the easiest Bet & Get ‘Weekly Club’ offers that are listed in our reload offers section (i.e. the weekly club reloads that don’t involve any in-play bets).

Here we set up a ‘general base’ filter that covers all the minimum requirements for some example weekly bet clubs with 5 bookmakers.

We first select the Outplayed pre-set filter named ‘High Profile Events’. Selection of this filter automatically causes the Search Filter to populate with key football leagues. (If you’re going to use a pre-existing filter plus customizations like we do in this example here, you must select the pre-set filter first otherwise it will clear any Custom Filters you already input).

Qualifying Bets for all our weekly club offer examples must settle between Monday (14:00) and Sunday (23:59) each week. In the ‘Settings’ of the Oddsmatching Tool we select for the time frame to show by Date/Time:

The click ‘Save’.

We then set the dates and times as we need them to be for the current week:

Next we select on the Custom Filters - Sport: football, Bookmakers: Clear All, Exchanges: Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, Rating: 95 to 97, Min Odds: 2.0 and finally a minimum Availability of £10.

How you approach these weekly club offers is completely your choice, but to help avoid being gubbed, we’ve selected to bet on only High Profile football (when we can) and to take lower value bets which have a 95-97% rating (i.e. bets that aren’t a perfect odds match but which still give us good Qualifying Losses).

Once we’ve set the filters up, we then click the ‘Save’ button to the right of the ‘Pre-set Filters’ drop down, define a name of our new filter and click Save.

Once we’ve done this, our new self-made filter will now be available to select in the ‘Pre-set Filter’ drop down list, directly under the pre-set filters made by the Outplayed team.

Now anytime we want to do a Qualifying Bet for one of these example weekly club offers we can quickly select our pre-set filter, then whichever bookmaker we need in the Bookie Filter. Here’s an example with Mansion Bet:

Then switching to Sky Bet with one click on the Bookmaker Filter:

After choosing the bookmaker you can then also update the dates for the relevant week you’re in and the relevant times (14:00 and 22:00) then won’t change despite you changing the dates. You can then be absolutely certain all the bets being shown in the results are available only between Monday (14:00) to Sunday (22:00) of the week you’re currently in. After editing the dates click the ‘tick’ to update the Oddsmatching Tool results.

With this general base filter set up you can now find Qualifying Bets for your weekly clubs.

What about the free bets when they’re issued though?

Well, you could set yourself up a pre-set general base filter for doing your free bets too. This could be used not only for the free bets you get from the weekly clubs but also for any free bets you might receive from other offers too that you want to use on High Profile Football.

For this example we used the High Profile Events filter first, then selected football, cleared the bookmakers, selected our 3 main exchanges, switched the rating to SnR, selected odds between 4.0 and 8.0 and a minimum availability of £10.

We also swapped the time-frame back from specific dates to the sliding timeline and selected for bets to appear up to 3 days from the present time (in the 'Settings' of the Oddsmatching Tool).

Once saved this filter then appears in our Pre-set filter drop down and we can use it to quickly find free bets to do on ANY bookmaker we like.

Such as for a 888 free bet we might get from another reload offer...

In our examples we set up the filters using high profile football. You can of course also set up filters for horse racing and other sports too.

With horse racing general base filters you set up you might want to make sure the ‘Today Only’ checkbox is on as we tend to only bet on horse racing on the day of the races. A Qualifying Bet general base filter for horse racing might be set up like this:

General Tips & Advice on Using the Oddsmatching Tool Filters

1) Give yourself time and appreciate you won’t make perfect filters the first time round.

It will take a little bit of time for you to get to grips with using the filters and how to save your own self-made pre-set filters as well. Do not expect to get them all perfect the first time round! You will very likely need to improve and update your self-made filters at some point or make additional filters as you start learning new kinds of reload offers.

If you find yourself doing a new type of reload offer – ask yourself if you can make a pre-set filter for it. If you think you can then do it.

(From personal experience the button ‘Clear Filter’ is your friend if you’ve made a hash of things and want to just start over!)

If you save a filter, then realise you’ve done it completely wrong, don’t worry. Just select in from the Pre-set Filters drop down list then select the ‘X’ button (next to the Save button) to delete it and start again. Simple! Don’t keep wrong filters or filters you’re not using anymore – delete them otherwise you’ll clog up your Pre-set list and get confused what’s what.

2) Everyone does their filters in their own way – get advice but also do whatever suits you and your Matched Betting style!

In this guide we set up a general filter that deals with example weekly club reload offers. If you prefer you could make and save a filter for each of the weekly club offers individually. It’s completely your choice and how you prefer to do things. You will end up with a longer list of pre-set filters in this case but again that might work best for you. Use the above information only as a guideline for what you can do.

If you find yourself stuck on what filters you are best to make or how to make them – ask around our members on the Forum or in our Facebook Group to see what they’re all doing. Perhaps they might suggest a filter option that might be perfect for what you want to do too – or something you haven’t even thought of. You know how awesome our huge community is – so use them!

3) Try to name your filters as clearly as possible. Stick to a naming system.

What they’re for, what events and what odds are often useful to include in your filter names but you also need to be brief as possible. Above you saw we wrote ‘HPFooty’ for a shortened version of High Profile Football, and included the minimum odds, or odds ranges. Minimum odds are often important with reload offers so is why we often include them in the name of the filter here.

We then did FREE in capitals as it is a filter that we will probably use very often and it therefore makes sense for it to stand out clearly in the list.

Try to create a system of naming that works for you – and again – don’t expect to get the names perfect right away - you can always change them later.

4) You can make your own versions of the Outplayed pre-set filters as well...

If we look at the PA pre-set filter for the Bet365 2up offer – although very useful for someone just starting on the 2up offer – other members using a specific 2up technique may want to adjust this filter slightly.

As a personal example, I only bet on outcomes with odds of 2.0 or higher and that have ratings of 96.5% or more in order to keep my Qualifying Losses as low as possible. My minimum stake amount is also £50. I tend to only use Smarkets with a 0% commission and prefer to only place bets on games that are a maximum of 3 days away.

We can use the PA Bet365 2up filter as a base, add in our personal additions above, then save our very own Bet365 2up filter.

This new version will then appear in the Pre-set filters drop down, ready to help find my preferred type of 2UP bets:

5) The Specific Search Filter is a little bit picky about what you search

Say you want to search for a Manchester United game so you write ‘United’ in the search. You will unlikely get what you’re looking for as in the Oddsmatching Tool we’ve abbreviated United to Utd.

If you search Utd you will find what you want.

Same issue if you searched ‘Sheffield’ the Sheff Utd v Bristol City game above then won’t show – but it does if you search ‘Sheff’.

We appreciate this isn’t ideal but once you get the hang of the ‘naming’ system on the Oddsmatcher you won’t give it a second thought. In general try just the first three letters of a team’s name or horse race’s name first – it usually works best.

In football and similar sports ‘Event Names’ can also be categorized by ‘League Name’ or similar. You can see these categorizations if you hover over the events name.

Read about oddsmatcher calculatorodds matching software and match betting spreadsheet

Here, in a search for ‘Prem’, when we hovered over the name results we saw we had the results for two Premier Leagues (one from football, one from rugby league):

We can search specifically for these event categories that appear on the hover if we like. In this case we really want to alter our search to ‘English Premier League’ now if we definitely only want to get results for that league.

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