Helpful Tips | Reload Offers

Lauren Shuckburgh

11 Jun 2015

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

If you're a Platinum member, especially a new one, you'll be faced with what might seem like a huge expanse of around 100 start-up offers.

But what happens after you've completed all of these?

Well, scroll to the bottom of the list in your members area where all of the bets are stored and you'll find the reload offers which are updated daily!

These offers are explained in the same way as your start up offers and also have the link at the bottom which will take you directly to the discussion on the Facebook Platinum forum.

Remember: the website should be your first port of call every day when it comes to finding new offers.

Each offer has an estimate of value beside it and we'll tell you if it's risk free, or low risk. There are even a couple of offers which can be completed monthly or even weekly.

If you haven't already, take a look at this thread from Sam entitled: 'Transitioning to Reloads'.

We have a fantastic level of contributions from other members which are posted on the forums daily, but as a part of your subscription with us, we provide you with a primary list of these. Click the link here to be taken to the list and scroll down until you hit the section entitled 'Reload Offers'.