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James McMath

20 Mar 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The matched betting blog from Profit Accumulator is a great way to find out more about making money from home.

Matched betting is still a relatively new concept, so can appear a little mysterious for newcomers.

Our aim on the news section of Profit Accumulator is to offer matched betting updates, guides and insight for members and non-members alike.

Matched betting diary

One of our matched betting experts, James, has been contributing to the matched betting blog with his matched betting diary.

The diary is designed to offer an insight into the daily activity of a full-time matched bettor, including which offers he targets and the amount of profits he generates.

An extract from James's matched betting blog post in August 2017

I did both the in play offers for Coral, hit no winners but layed off the free bets and made £8.45 in total.
I had a good afternoon on the Horse Refunds hitting 3 Bet365 winners for a profit of £103.87.
It was not a good day for 2up for me though and I was left with losses of £37.80 as none of my teams went 2up and therefore I could not cash out any of them for profit.

Two of my in play mug challenges lost losing me £35 but one completed and made me £90(£10-£100). As i include the losses from these in my total I will also be including any wins in it, as this is still part of my profit overall.
Some people might not like that I am posting and including these but I am trying to do an honest as possible example of what I do these days.

I did some other in-play mugs as Saturday 3pm matches are the best time for these.

Jordan, one of the staff members here at PA, began his own matched betting journey during the 2017 Cheltenham Festival.

He used his four-part matched betting diary to share his experience, including how much profit he had earned, mistakes he had made and lessons he learnt.

The idea was to give new matched bettors an idea of what to expect in the first few days and, hopefully, offer some advice.

Here's an extract from day four of Jordan's diary:

Well, I think I'll keep it going. Why not? Even if I make £500 a month it's going toward something. Your circumstances will be different to mine but say it's paying for your car, your rent, your mortgage, your kids, whatever! It's paying for something, and it's money in your pocket that wouldn't have been otherwise with no risk at all. I hate to preach, but it nearly is too good to be true.

Advice and guides

PA members get access to the best matched betting advice available.

We offer step-by-step instructions for every part of the process, including how to maximise profit from each of them. There are instructional videos to guide members through the offers and to show them how to use many of the tools and matched betting software available.

The matched betting blog also offers some advice and guides for non-members, aimed at explaining how matched betting works. Some of the guides available include:

Members' matched betting journeys

One of PA's biggest assets is its matched betting forum. It is the largest and most active of its kind, with members sharing advice and tips as well as celebrating their and each other's success. Some members have been kind enough to so share their stories with us.

An extract from PA member Anthony's story:

It was daunting at first but soon got to grips with it. I'm big fan of sports but never been a fan of gambling. Personally, I'm making around £1,000 a month but my partner does it as well.

An extract from Clarke's story:

A lot of people are sceptical or think it's too good to be true - I can guarantee it's not! At the start it can be time consuming. You want to make sure you've done everything right so you can lock in the profit. However, the more familiar you get with the process, the quicker you get and therefore the greater potential you have to earn money.

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Meet the team

Profit Accumulator's matched betting blog also features a section called 'meet the team'.

This is where you can meet the people behind Profit Accumulator, including matched betting experts and members of the customer service team.

Matched betting news

The Profit Accumulator news site is also a great way to catch up with the latest related news. As well as matched betting features and updates, there is gambling industry news and insight.


The team at Profit Accumulator work continually to improve the service to members.

This includes improving the tools and matched betting software currently available, as well as adding more products.

As well as on the forum, the PA news site is where updates are announced.

Recent examples include the launch of our each-way calculator and Profit Tracker,

Offers and announcements

The Profit Accumulator news site is also the best place to stay up-to-date with company announcements and offers.

For example, we recently announced Profit Accumulator's lower membership fees and extended hours for customer support.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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