Learn More About Matched Betting


How Does It Work?

In Matched Betting we ALWAYS place two bets. One at the bookmaker FOR an outcome to happen, and the second at a betting exchange AGAINST the same outcome from happening.

Together these 2 bets form a MATCHED BET.


Bet 1 at the bookmaker is on England TO WIN their next game.

Bet 2 at the betting exchange is on England NOT TO WIN their next game (i.e. that they will lose or draw the game).

In a Matched Bet, the two parts of the bet always cancel each other out. If one wins the other loses and vice versa.

What's the point in doing these 'Matched Bets' then?

Well, the first time we do a Matched Bet is to
unlock a free bet from the bookmaker without risking any of our own money, or at the very worst just a few pence or our money (often just 1-20p). This tiny loss only happens when there's a slight difference between the betting odds at the bookmaker and the betting exchange. If the odds are exactly the same, we don't lose anything at all.

The second time we do a Matched Bet is to
extract a profit from the free bet the bookmaker has given us, no matter what happens in the game or race we've bet on. We can expect to extract around 70-80% of the free bet amount as profit by doing this.

That means if we have a £10 free bet, we will usually make a 
guaranteed profit of £7-8 with Matched Betting.

We don't just place Matched Bets randomly - we only place them when we know we're going to get a free bet or similar promotional offer that can make us a profit. 

Want to know more? Please log in to your free trial and watch this video. It walks you through all the basics of Matched Betting.


How Much Money Do I Need To Start?

It's possible to start Matched Betting with around £25-50. It can be a bit slow going at first when you start with this amount, but if you're patient and follow the instructions, it will pay off.

These are all comments from members in our Facebook Support Group. You can join the group anytime as it's completely free and open to all. 


Do I Need To Know About Sports Or Betting?

Not at all! Many of our members have started Matched Betting with very little knowledge of sports and had never placed bets before. 

We never select Matched Bets to do based on a random person's 'tips' or who the favourite to win the game is. We don't care about any of that. It doesn't matter. That's why we don't need to know anything about football, horses, tennis or otherwise.

The Oddsmatcher Tool selects Matched Bets for us to do, and it selected them purely based on maths - specifically on how close the odds are between the bookmaker odds and the betting exchange odds.

In your free trial, you can follow step-by-step videos that show you exactly what to do.


Do I Need To Be Good At Maths?

Nope! Our step-by-step guides and easy-to-use tools mean anyone can learn Matched Betting. You don't need to be good at maths or have any other particular skills. All you need is a willingness to spend a little time learning how it works and getting stuck in! 

What Do I Need To Start?

There aren't many things you need to start Matched Betting. It's incredibly accessible and available to anyone aged 18 or over in the UK and Ireland. But, you should have the following to ensure your Matched Betting journey goes smoothly: 

A Photo ID - typically either a passport or driver's license. Some bookmakers may ask you to provide a photograph of this so that they can confirm your age and identity. 

Proof Of Address - typically a bank statement or utility bill. A photo of this may be required by some bookies to verify your address. 

Debit Card - so that you can make deposits and withdrawals from bookies. 

Email Address + Mobile Phone Number - required as part of the signup process for bookies. Many members set up a separate email address specifically for Matched Betting.


Where Can I Get Help To Start?

From our world-class customer support team AND our amazing community of 50,000+ Matched Bettors on Facebook.

Seriously, they're all on another level when it comes to offering help to beginners. Why? As they remember being just like you when they first started out! 

You can contact our support team by phone (yes they are real people!), website live chat, Facebook messenger and email, 7 days a week between 9-5. Their contact details are here.


How Much Time Does It Take?

When you first start Matched Betting it may feel a bit time-consuming, but, once you get the hang of things it gets MUCH faster.

Brand-new beginners can take 30 minutes or so to place their first Matched Bet. An experienced member can do the same bets in less than 2-3 minutes.

One of the really great things about Matched Betting is that it is very flexible and can pretty much fit around anyone's schedule, no matter how busy you are.

Once you learn the basics, each offer typically takes about 5-15 minutes and then it's up to you how many offers you complete. Of course, the more time you spend, and the more offers you complete, the better your return should be. But, even just spending 20-30 minutes a day is enough to begin matched betting.


Do I Have To Pay Tax On My Profits?

Nope! One of the amazing things about Matched Betting is that your profits are completely tax-free.

I Still Have Questions...

No problem! This is what we are here for!

Please get in touch with our team and ask away.