Drone Racing and Drone Race Betting


20 Aug 2021

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Drone Racing is exactly what it says on the tin and it’s expected to be the next upcoming big thing in sports and in sports betting. This article tells you everything you need to know about this exciting new sport.

What is Drone Racing?

In one word? Cool!

Drone pilots compete against one another to guide their drones, at speeds of up to 90mph, around a complex racecourse in the fastest possible time.

How Does Drone Racing Work?

Each drone involved in a race is equipped with a camera that sends a live video feed from the drone direct to their pilot. The video feed is streamed to the pilot through goggles so the pilot literally feels like their flying from inside the drone - kind of like how virtual reality goggles work! (This is known in the community as FPV, or First Person View, Drone Racing).

A pilots goal is then to navigate their drone as fast as they possibly can around a specially designed, often highly complex, drone racecourse. The fastest pilot wins.

Drone race competitions are held in stadiums all over the world and the race courses can involve environmental, man-made and sometimes even virtual elements.

Drone Race Betting

In 2016 Pinnacle were the very first US bookmaker to offer betting on Drone Racing and specifically on the World Drone Racing Championships.

If you’re interested in betting on drone racing, it’s worth taking a look at pinnacle sportsbook bonuses as they may be eligible for Drone Racing.

In 2021 sports betting company DraftKings also made an agreement with the US based Drone Racing League (DRL) to allow betting on Drone Racing in some US states.

Drone Racing and Matched Betting

Although we already do Matched Betting on e-sports, Drone Racing is not considered an e-sport as it involves real-life drones racing one another. E-sports on the other-hand are completely virtual.

Matched Betting in Australia is likely to involve Drone Racing before the UK as the sport has its roots there.

Although one popular UK bookmaker dabbled in offering odds on Drone Racing back in 2017, they haven’t since. If any UK bookmakers start offering betting odds on Drone Racing in the future (which is highly anticipated due to the popular growth of the sport) - it likely won’t be long after that Matched Betting on Drone Racing will become available.