Common Misconceptions with Matched Betting

Jordan Atkinson

8 Nov 2017

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

We often hear that matched betting is "too good to be true" and that there's no real way to beat the bookies. Or that eventually offers will dry up and you'll stop earning with matched betting.

Fortunately for you, we're here to dispel some of this myths and misconceptions along with the help of our very own community.

There's Not A Lot of Money To Be Made

We hear it time and time again, that matched betting can't be that profitable and the "bookie always wins". We have over 20,000 members in our community, many of whom have earned thousands as a result of matched betting.

The Money Dries Up

Many people think that once the initial signup offers are finished, the money dries up and it's not possible to continue making good profits with matched betting. Fortunately, we have two threads that are updated daily; the "how to make £1000 per month" and "how to make £300 per month part-time" threads. Daily reload offers are posted in there in order to hit these targets respectively.

We're In Bed With The Bookies

People often think that we have affiliate deals with bookmakers and that we're getting paid for getting them to signup, or that we get a percentage of any losses you make. We actually go to great lengths to hide the fact that our members are coming from a matched betting site and can categorically say that the bookies do not like us! Any chance of an affiliate deal between us and a bookmaker is not on the cards.

The Bookies Will Shut You Down

Eventually the bookies will catch on to the fact that you're matched betting and close your accounts, right? We refer to it as being "gubbed" and whilst it is a very real possibility, we offer great advice on how to avoid this completely. However, if you are gubbed by a certain bookmaker don't worry, as there's hundreds of others out there to make profit from.

It Works

It really does work folks. Our members are the best testament to this. Once you get through the nerves of learning something new, you could be on your way to making thousands in tax-free cash to put toward holidays, house deposits or even just treating yourself.

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