England vs Wales. How To Profit With Matched Betting No Matter What The Outcome Of The Game


24 Nov 2022

Updated: 8 Feb 2023

The game between England and Wales will take place on Tuesday 29th of November as part of the 2022 World Cup Group Stages at the Al Rayyan Stadium, Qatar. Without a doubt, it should be an exciting fixture that most of the United Kingdom will be watching.

We'll give you a quick rundown of how to get £33.21 cash in this guide, regardless of whether England wins, loses, or draws. Yep, you read that right!

  • England win = £33.21 profit.
  • Wales win = £33.21 profit.
  • Draw = £33.21 profit.

This kind of return is what Matched Bet is all about. There is no such thing as a losing bet - only money in your pocket - provided you follow the instructions and training videos on Outplayed of course!

Step 1: Pick A New Customer Signup Offer on Outplayed

Free Matched Betting Signup Offers

You could easily apply this Wales v England World Cup Matched Betting example to the Coral or Betfred Signup Offers available on our Matched Betting free trial. In this example, we will be referencing a special welcome offer for new customers that William Hill has available for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

World Cup Matched Betting Signup Offers

William Hill’s typical signup offer is Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets. Their special World Cup welcome offer though gives us an extra £10 of free bets - so £40 of free bets in total (T&Cs apply).


Outplayed Platinum and Diamond members can view the special William Hill signup offer guide and several other bookmakers' special World Cup welcome offer guides in this dedicated World Cup section of our Matched Betting Forum).


During important sporting events, many bookmakers offer these special or 'super-charged' signup incentives in order to attract more new customers.

Enhanced signup incentives like this are why it’s an extremely good idea to start Matched Betting during the World Cup or other major sporting events - as you can potentially make far more profit than you would when starting at other times of the year.

Step 2: Place a £10 Qualifying Matched Bet to unlock £40 in free bets

Full Video Training Guide

This article is a walk-through written guide explaining how Matched Bet works. If you’d like to see a full, in-action example please signup for our free trial and watch our video training guides. The video guides show you how to place bets and how to use your free bets to make a profit in an easy-to-follow way.

Remember, you only need your email to register for our free trial and watch the training guides - nothing else!

How to unlock the free bets

To unlock the £40 in free bets from William Hill you first need to do your Qualifying Bet, by depositing and placing a £10 bet with them (at odds of 1.50 or higher).

We’ll also need to also do what is referred to as a lay bet, or a bet that is directly against our bet at William Hill, at a Betting Exchange to obtain these free bets.

A Betting Exchange is a special type of betting website that we use in Matched Betting to ensure we only profit for each bookmaker offer.

An example of a popular Betting Exchange is Smarkets. Outplayed members are able to receive 0% commission at Smarkets.

A Matched Betting Qualifying Bet is made up of TWO bets.

In Matched Betting, we always place 2 bets at a time:

Bet TypeExample
BET 1: BACK BETOne bet ‘FOR’ an outcome to happen at a bookmaker. England to win
BET 2: LAY BET The bet ‘AGAINST’ the exact same outcome happening at Smarkets Betting Exchange. England NOT to win (which is the same as England to lose OR draw)

England to win

The bet ‘AGAINST’ the exact same outcome happening at Smarkets Betting Exchange.

If the back bet goes on to win at William Hill, our lay bet loses at Smarkets.

If our back bet loses at William Hill, our lay bet wins at Smarkets.

By doing these 2 bets we’ve ensured all outcomes of a game are covered and that we therefore can’t lose our £10 stake - as we automatically win it back on the other side.

Normal bettors only ever place back bets, and never a lay bet at the same time. Placing the additional lay bet is what makes Matched Betting quite different from gambling.

How do we find the best Qualifying Bet for Matched Betting?

With the Outplayed Matched Bet Finding Tool (known as the Oddsmatcher).

This difference is measured as the Percentage Rating on the Oddsmatcher. The higher the percentage rating - the smaller the difference between the odds is.

A 99% rating is better than a 98.5% rating, which in turn is better than a 97% rating and so on.

The Oddsmatcher NEVER lists bets based on a team’s performance, a horse’s form or otherwise. None of that matters in Matched Betting - only close matching pairs of odds at the bookie and the exchange do.

An example Qualifying Bet in Matched Betting

Here is an example of what such a Qualifying Bet would look like on the Oddsmatcher.

The Oddsmatcher and integrated Matched Betting Calculator advise us to place our £10 Qualifying Bet on England to win at odds of 1.67 at William Hill - then place a £9.88 lay bet against England to win at odds of 1.69 at Smarkets.

What will happen when we place these two bets? Will we lose our £10 stake at William Hill or our £9.88 lay stake at Smarkets?

No, we will lose a small Qualifying Loss of just 12p.

Yes, just a teeny tiny 12p down - no matter if England win, lose or draw.

We have a small Qualifying Loss only because of the difference between the back odds (1.67) at William Hill and the lay odds (1.69) at Smarkets.

Now we know it’s going to ‘cost’ us exactly 12p to unlock £40’s worth of free bets from William Hill, the only thing left to do is to place BOTH our back and lay bets.

For guidance on placing a Qualifying Matched Bet like this at a bookmaker such as William Hill, we recommend following our video guides on our free trial first.

As soon as we’ve completed this Qualifying Matched Bet, we’ve completed the William Hill offer requirements and they give us £40 in free bets!

Do we now just gamble these free bets and hope to make a profit?

NO! We use Matched Betting again on these free bets to ensure we make a profit no matter what happens.

Why take the gamble when you can be sure of a profit following our Free Bet Matched Betting guides?

Step 3: Use Matched Betting on the Free Bets to extract a profit

Everything we did above will be repeated, but this time at William Hill we'll be using the £40 in free bets they’ve just provided instead of our own cash.

Matched Betting Free Bets involves doing TWO bets again.

To profit from the free bets, we repeat the process of placing 2 bets at a time:

For example:

  1. FREE Back Bet at William Hill: England to win with a score of 2-0
  2. Lay Bet (using our own cash) at Smarkets Betting Exchange: England NOT to win with a score of 2-0 (which is ANY OTHER score result, 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 etc.)

How do we find the best Matched Bet to profit from the Free Bets?

With the Outplayed Matched Bet Finding Tool (known as the Oddsmatcher) again.

The only thing we do differently though is to tell the Oddsmatcher we’re doing a free bet. It will then find Matched Bets with higher odds for us to do. The higher odds we use to do a free bet the more profit we can extract.

The only thing to be careful of when using higher odds on your free bets though is how much liability you will need in Smarkets Betting Exchange in order to place your lay bets. How much liability you have will depend on the size of your Matched Betting Bankroll.

Useful reading:

The Oddsmatcher can quickly finds us a great Matched Bet to do with our free bets.

An example of using a Free Bet in Matched Betting

Here is an example of a Free Matched Bet at higher odds the Oddsmatcher may provide)

The Oddsmatcher and integrated Matched Betting Calculator advise us to place our £40 of Free Bets England to win by 2 goals to 0 (0-2) at odds of 9.0 at William Hill - then place a £33.33 lay bet against England to win by 2 goals to 0 (0-2) at odds of 9.60 at Smarkets.

What will happen when we place these two bets? Will we just waste our £40 free bet from William Hill?

No, we will make a profit of £33.33 regardless of what the scoreline is in the game!

Once we take off our initial 12p Qualifying Loss from our original bet, our total profit becomes £33.21.

  • England win = £33.21 profit.
  • Wales win = £33.21 profit.
  • Draw = £33.21 profit.

As soon as we’ve placed (made) our free bets, we know we will make a profit regardless of the outcome and before the Wales v England game even kicks off.

No matter the scoreline, no matter the outcome, as soon as the game ends, our profit comes in and we can withdraw it from either William Hill or Smarkets.

If the free back bet wins, our profit will be in William Hill.

If our lay bet against wins, our profit will be in Smarkets.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat!

There are nearly 60 bookmakers in the UK with signup offers that we can extract a profit from with Matched Betting.

At the time of writing nearly 10 are offering enhanced versions of their signups for the World Cup.

The World Cup offers a fantastic opportunity to extract extra profit from these initial signup offers.

What happens when you finish the signup offers? Is that it?

The signup offers are just the very beginning of the profits you can make with Matched Betting. They are very much the warm-up to the main event!

The main event profit-wise in Matched Betting actually comes from all the daily offers the bookies give out to their existing customers. (You become an existing customer as soon as you complete their signup offers!)


There are over 50,000 members in our Facebook Group you can ask today about what can be made with Matched Betting. Our community is like no other - everyone helps each other make as much as possible all day long. It really is something special to be a part of, and you can be part of it too!


Remember - the Qatar 2022 World Cup gives any beginner to Matched Betting an extra boost to their initial profits thanks to the super-charged signup offers available AND thanks to the additional existing customer offers available as well.

If you’ve been thinking about getting started there is no better time than now.

How to start Matched Betting with Outplayed

When Matched Betting with OUTPLAYED.com, as long as you follow the guides, you can’t lose, only profit. Matched Betting is not an alternative to employment or a solution to financial concerns. Profits can vary dramatically based on time and effort.