Feedback from members shapes matched betting forum improvement

James McMath

12 Jun 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The matched betting forum at Profit Accumulator is the biggest and most active of its kind.

The forum is often cited by members as one of the key strengths of our service and we are very proud of it.

It's the place where people go to share advice, insight and celebrate success and it's also the main place our team of matched betting gurus pass on their expertise.

At PA, we're always looking for ways to improve. We asked for feedback from our members about the forum by sending out a questionnaire.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 78% saying the forum was their preferred place to go when looking for help and an average score of 8.49 out of 10 when asked how friendly the forum administrators and moderators are.

The questionnaire was also used to gather members' views on how we can make the forum even better.

Improvements to the matched betting forum

We have made some alterations to the matched betting forum, shaped largely by the feedback from our members.

New members welcome: The matched betting forum is available to all Platinum members and we strongly recommend you get involved as soon as you start matched betting. We have added a thread for new members to introduce themselves.

Improved search: The search function in the forum has been improved. Users will need to open the advance search options, then choose sort by 'post time' before clicking 'save preferences'.

Clarification on forum guidelines: We always aim to provide a relaxed but consistent approach to forum moderation. In response to feedback from the questionnaire.

Highlighting existing features

We also want to take the opportunity to flag up some existing features of the forum that some users might not be aware of. These include:

Tagging moderators and administrators for quicker response: When asking a question or looking for advice, users can tag specific people or groups of people to ensure their post is seen.

This is likely to result in a quicker response, ensuring users get the help they need. Use @administrators and @moderators to alert all members of each group or ensure individuals are notified by tagging them, for example @JamesPA.

Fewer new threads: Members should avoid starting new threads to post their questions, as they are less likely to be seen. Also, this tends to make the forum less easy to navigate.

Instead, users can search for existing similar questions or post in relevant threads.

Your views

If you have any suggestions or feedback about our matched betting forum, please share them using this thread