How Can You Find The Perfect VPN?

Darren Sassienie

7 Apr 2019

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

So why should you use a VPN - here's my experience?

I resisted giving into the pressure to use a VPN for years. Tech sites have been telling us to
use a VPN, insisting that we are not secure without one. But it felt like too much of a
concerted push in a direction I didn’t want to go. Part of me felt that VPN companies were
simply doing a really good job at marketing themselves.

Identity theft

Then a friend of mine fell victim to identity theft. One day, she had all her ducks in a row, and
the next, her life was a mess. All because she had used the internet, just like the rest of us. I
learned that the tech sites promoting VPN's weren’t lying about or exaggerating the risks!

Many people fall victim to identity theft, and the consequences are frightening.
Your perfect reputation, that has ensured your perfect credit score and ideal performance in
job applications, can literally be gone in seconds.

So I made it my priority to find a good one - ideally the best VPN in the UK. I’m not going to
give you a definitive answer (although I personally use ExpressVPN). Rather, provide you with the
information that I used to find the perfect VPN for me.

What do you need to know about reputation?

The biggest problem I had with the idea of a VPN is that there is no way to know for sure
that a) the VPN works, and b) the company is trustworthy. VPNs are meant to hide your IP
and encrypt your data. Whilst there are websites where you can test your IP address, there is
no way for the layman to know if your data is secure. Furthermore, the provider
could be logging your data and selling it to advertisers or even using it for their own purposes!

Unfortunately, there is no surefire solution to this problem. Ultimately, we cannot be certain
about any company. However, hopefully you can trust the expert, read expert reviews and go
by reputation. If all the major tech sites say that you can trust a VPN, you can hopefully trust them. In
this world, no one can prove their trustworthiness beyond a doubt, no matter what industry they are in, but the leap of faith required when choosing a reputable VPN is minimal.

How important are servers in your decision?

There are a number of factors which make a VPN worthwhile, and many of them are related
to the servers. VPN's route your connection through external servers to hide your location.
The closer a server is to you, the faster your connection will work. The more servers
available, the more likely you are to find one that is reliable. Furthermore, servers around the
world give you access to content with geo-restrictions. This can be particularly useful for
streaming sites like Netflix. It can also give people in restrictive countries the opportunity to
access content that their government might see as a threat to itself.

Should price be a factor?

Price should never be your number one priority when it comes to choosing a VPN. Free
options might be tempting, but they just won’t do the job. However, this doesn’t mean the most
expensive VPN is necessarily the best. Price can be the determining factor between two
equivalent VPNs. Look for discounts by paying for a full year (or two) upfront.

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