Matched Betting Explained - as you've never seen before!


1 May 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Our Matched Betting community at Profit Accumulator are absolutely phenomenal.

Not only do they constantly help each other make money every single day; help us answer question after question from beginners (as we all remember being there too!); and share both their success and their mistakes; but they also make sure to have some good fun too.

If you're interested in starting Matched Betting, our dedicated 'What is Matched Betting?' page explains everything you need to know, but recently our members took it upon themselves to have a go at explaining what they do.

To share the fun here are a few of their alternative - but very good and very true - ways to 'explain' Matched Betting...

1) "Not actually gambling on gambling sites"

2) "Not caring whether your bet wins"

3) "I'm not a gambler but I place bets with the bookies everyday"

4) "My boyfriend all the time: who do we want to win?? He can’t get his head around the fact that it doesn’t matter who wins 🤣"

5) "Me - I made a fiver on Carabao final
Them - fair play who won?
Me - not sure
Them - who did you bet on?
Me - not sure
Them - who did bet with?
Me - not sure"

6) "My friend asks me if I’m a gambling addict and I say no, he asks - how many online bookies are you signed up to? I answer - all of them”

7) "Mum - You need to be careful going on these gambling sites you will loose all your money
Me - but I'm not gambling, I won't lose all my money
Mum - That's what every gambling addict says

8) "Them: So you're hoping Man United (a team you've always supported) go two goals ahead early and then go on to lose the game?
Me: That would be correct."
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9) "Co-worker: Got any bets on tonight?
Me: Yeah I've got £200 on the Real Madrid match
Co-worker: Who have you backed?
Me: I can't remember"

10) "Them: you’re always betting on the horses...Who’s your pick for the grand national?
Me: I dunno, I don’t watch horse racing...but I can tell you who I want to come fifth 🤑🤑"
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11) "Me: my bet lost.
Other-half: oh no!
Me: no, that's good!
OH: how much did you lose?
Me: I made about £40
OH: <brain melts>"

12) "Other-half: who did you bet on?
Me: both of them and the draw. And also for neither to score.
OH: what?!"

13) "Friend - I could win £40 from my grand national bet; me - I’ve already made £70 before it even starts"

14) "Mate - what sort of idiot puts £20 on a 4-0 score line!?
Me - you’d better ask my bank account that’s £16 better off now.
Mate - but the game hasn’t even started.
Me - don’t worry about it.

15) "Them - Do you bet much?
Me - Kind of, I do matched betting.
Them - What's that?
Me - It's basically using free bets with the bookies to guarantee profit. I pay a company called PA a small monthly subscription to help with what to do.
Them - Sounds like a scam that mate.

The last one really nails it on the head if you're still sceptical whether Matched Betting really works or not.

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