Matched betting tips: How I make extra money from home

James McMath

3 Apr 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Matched betting blogger Jon Court shares his key matched betting tips with Profit Accumulator

My name is Jon Court. I'm 42 years of age, I have two amazing sons, a beautiful partner (who is also a matched bettor) and I live in a stunning part of West Cornwall. I have been fortunate to have had a few amazing jobs over the years, I've also seen a few things during that time but consider myself to be quite normal, just hungry to make as much money as easily as possible.

In February 2015 I had never heard of matched betting, it was a completely new vehicle (method to make money) to me. When I say new vehicle, back in 2006 I spent about six months spread betting.

I have never found anything else as reliable, simple, productive and straightforward as matched betting.

In principle, not a million miles away from matched betting but as I found, with spread betting, as well as being able to make considerable amounts of money, you can (and all too often) lose that money far quicker than you made it!

So, I already sort of understood the basic mechanics of matched betting, I just had to familiarise myself with how this particular vehicle worked.

How I got started

In March of 2015, I gave myself just £100 as a bank to work with, my working capital. I mentally prepared myself to lose that £100 as I 'tested' the 'system', as I tested the information that Profit Accumulator was providing. Could it really be foolproof and totally guaranteed as claimed? Well, as I compose this blog post, that very £100 has now become thousands in tax-free cash profit!

What else is legal and readily available that can give you that type of astonishing return?

I have been 'working' online for over 13 years and in that time I have been pitched on more or less everything and I have seen many many things both come and go (including gurus and chancers alike), some of those things were totally amazing opportunities, others clear and obvious scams.

I can very genuinely say that over the last 13 years I have never - not once - made money as easy as this and I have never found anything else as reliable, simple, productive and straightforward as matched betting.

My matched betting tips

What can I briefly teach you? I have had many people from all different walks of life contact me (usually via Facebook) seeking my advice. That advice, no matter whom I'm speaking with is more or less always exactly the same:

Start slowly

Initially take your time, there is absolutely no need to rush. Read everything twice, watch everything twice and take baby steps. Matched betting has been around for over a decade, it's not going to suddenly disappear, there really is no need to rush.

Build your bankroll

Regardless of your starting position, build your bank. The more working capital you've got the more you can turn simple and easy opportunity into cash rich tax-free profit!

Find friends on the forum

Be certain to fully familiarise yourself with and read the plentiful content on the Profit Accumulator forum, daily. There are many many members who are nothing short of genius when it comes to maximising profit from various daily offers!

Pay me a visit

Take the time to simply 'cherry pick' your way through my blog. The 'Tips and Advice' page / tab should prove very useful to all who are just starting out!

So, with regards to my current progress and my actual profit to date, the latest updates can be easily found over on my detailed blog.

As long as you can follow simple written instructions, as long as you can follow videos, based upon what I have achieved and what I know as fact, I absolutely know that given a little time and a dose of discipline you can and will so very easily profit!

The money really is there for your taking.