Outplayed Mobile Notifications

Jordan Atkinson

16 Jan 2018

Updated: 9 Feb 2023

Annoyed that you missed a new offer? Or did you miss a decent close match on a 2UP early-payout offer that meant you didn't make as much money as you could have? Well, that will be a thing of the past with our new mobile notification feature.

What Kind Of Mobile Notifications Can I Receive?

From your dashboard, you can toggle the types of notifications that you want. Initially, these are the things you can receive notifications for:

1. General Announcements

These announcements will include things like new feature announcements (such as this one), tech updates (possible downtime or site issues) and general announcements (special offers, company announcements etc). 

2. ACCA (Accumulator) Notifications

In our Acca Catcher software we currently offer the ability to receive email alerts 15 minutes before a match is due to start, to give you enough time to place a lay bet at the exchange. Now you can also get this as a mobile notification.

3. New Offer Posted

Never miss an offer again. Whenever a new offer is posted or updated from your selected bookmakers, you will receive a notification directly to your phone. You can also filter by the star rating of the offer, so for example you can only receive offers for offers that are 3+ stars.

4. New Offer Posted

There are certain threads on our forum where it’s important that either you don’t miss updates to the post, or where other members help by posting close matches that they have spotted for certain types of offers (such as price boosts or 2up). In your dashboard, you can now select which of these forum threads you want to receive notifications for. You will then get a mobile notification when that thread is updated. See the FAQs below for more information.

How Do Mobile Notifications Work When Matched Betting?

We’ve hooked in a messenger app called Catapush to enable notifications to your phone. Catapush is a third party app that you download to your phone, link with your Outplayed account and select which notifications you want in your dashboard. Then, when these notifications are triggered, the message will appear on your phone and you go into the app in order to get the hyperlink to the relevant part of the site.

Catapush is a free app (no part of our new notification feature will incur a cost) that can be used on iPhone or Android. You can download it via the App Store / Play Store for iOS and Android. The app is also available for Windows Phones, that can be downloaded here.

Some of the notifications are manually triggered by our forum and offers team, and some are sent whenever there is a new comment on the relevant forum thread (the Bet365, Paddy Power 2up and Price Boost offers close matches threads).

Matched Betting Mobile Notifications FAQs

How Often Will I Receive Forum Notifications

Due to the fact we're using a third-party integration, there may be a slight delay from the time the forum comment is made to when the notification is received. We'll monitor this going forward. The only place this might cause issues is for the 2up thread - where in some cases the matches may only stay valid for literally a couple of minutes.

Why Catapush?

It’s well-built, stable and most importantly free to use (for customers). We could have developed our own app (which may still happen in the future), but this way we can have the feature onsite a lot more quickly.

Why Do You Need My Mobile Number?

Your mobile number is used to identify and link the Catapush app on your phone with your Outplayed account. We will store your number securely and never use it for any marketing purposes.

What Are Price Boosts And The Football 2Up Early-Payout Offer?

They are a great source of income when doing reload offers (bookmaker promotional offers for their existing customers.

Price Boosts (Enhanced Odds) Offers in Matched Betting. What are they and why you should be doing them!

Matched Betting The Football 2Up Early-payout Offer. 

The key to being really profitable with these offers is to move on them as quickly as possible. Having mobile notifications enabled helps you to achieve this.

If you have any questions about setting up Matched Betting mobile notifications, please contact our customer service team.