Self-Exclusion Alternatives in the United Kingdom


26 Mar 2021

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Betting is popular in the UK and there are many sites for UK players. However, betting comes with its drawbacks, so it is advisable to monitor your hobby and avoid the adverse effects of compulsive gambling. UK players have the option of registering on GamStop, a voluntary self-exclusion scheme that blocks you from accessing real money games available on UKGC-licensed bookmakers.

No law prohibits gambling offshore, which opens room for companies with betting sites not on GamStop that are available outside the United Kingdom. This means blocked players can still access real money games.

If you are looking to check your betting hobby without necessarily joining GamStop, there are other self-exclusion schemes used by international brands. GamStop is a comprehensive program that all UK-based casinos are obliged to join. However, the restrictions can keep you from enjoying your favourite games, which is why UK players opt for other methods. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular GamStop alternatives in case you have decided to check other self-exclusion programs.


GamBan is one of the best choices for players looking to self-exclude without joining GamStop. It is basically an application you can install on your smartphone, tablet, PC or any other device used to access online gambling sites and mobile casinos. Once installed, GamBan blocks access to all the gambling sites, so you won’t be able to play anywhere online. GamBan still accepts social casino sites for those looking to continue enjoying risk-free casino games.

Concerning safety, GamBan blocks gambling sites only and works for online casinos worldwide. The app doesn't intrude into any other personal information on your devices. It is important to install the app on all your devices for all-round protection from gambling platforms. However, the app keeps updating its list, which provides loopholes for accessing new casinos. If you find a site that GamBan doesn't block, it is best to inform them, so they can add it to their database.


Gamblock is another popular gaming blocker for players looking to put an end to their gambling hobby without becoming part of GamStop. Unlike most self-exclusion programs, the platform uses advanced algorithms to block new sites automatically. Eliminating manual database updates removes a crucial vulnerable time for problem gamblers, ensuring zero access to any gambling website. Gamblock was launched back in 2000 and has some of the best reviews from players.

Once installed, it is advisable to wait until the self-exclusion duration is complete to remove the app. Gamblock is available as a single license or multiple licenses for personal users. Businesses can also use the platform to block employees from gambling on company PCs and devices. The platform has also improved tremendously, with regards to security, irremovability and diagnostics to protect problem players from relapsing before their license expires. Like GamBan, the platform is secure and doesn’t intrude into your personal data.


Gamcare is one of the oldest UK based charity programs supported by the UKGC funds and designed to protect players from the harmful side effects of gambling. Since 1997, Gamcare has provided self-exclusion programs for interested players, allowing them to stay away from gambling sites and mobile casinos without necessarily joining GamStop. However, Gamcare is more than a self-exclusion scheme. The platform has a forum dedicated to providing help to problem gamblers, which is more effective than merely blocking access to online casinos.

Users can speak to an advisor and access helpful resources to manage their gambling habit. The self-exclusion program also effectively blocks access to all online gambling websites worldwide. It is designed for players in England, Scotland and Wales, which is perfect if you are from these countries. The company provides a wide range of services not just for problem gambling, so you can find various learning resources and group forums and chat rooms.


There are many other self-exclusion schemes and if you think you have any gambling issues you need to think about them. These schemes offer help when you need to address your gambling problem and have various programs. You can block all gambling sites while learning about self-exclusion, time-off and betting limits such as maximum loss per year.

Others like Gamcare offer forums and advisors to provide personalized help. The programs mentioned above are just as effective as GamStop and allow players to successfully take a break from online gambling, or even quit altogether.

Self-Exclusion and Matched Betting

Matched Betting does involve the use of bookmaker and betting exchange websites and the placement of bets. For anyone who feels the need to self-exclude Matched Betting is therefore not appropriate for you as being on bookmaker and betting exchange websites would only be a temptation to gamble.