Proof Matched Betting Really Works


With the number of scams around today, fake websites, dodgy text messages and emails that look exactly like they came from Amazon or Paypal, you are 100% right to be sceptical of Matched Betting.

On first look, it really is something that ticks EVERY box for sounding too good to be true.

If you've already been 'burned' before by a scam, despite being super careful, or have wasted money joining a program that promised to help you make £1000's with 'super-easy' online side hustles like dropshipping or affiliate marketing, you're going to be more sceptical than most. Which is completely understandable!

On top of the whole, "is this just another get-rich-quick scheme?" feeling, the fact that you also have to visit bookmaker websites and place bets to do Matched Betting, just makes it sound even more dodgy. Is it all some sort of sly trick just to get you gambling?

Not one of our team or thousands of members would ever deny that they didn't have these same thoughts when they first stumbled across Matched Betting. 

Back in 2010, when the strategy of Matched Betting was first discovered, there would have been very little evidence, apart from a load of math formulas in a spreadsheet, to prove Matched Betting is legit and really can make you money.

Today - there's a HUGE amount of proof that it works as tens of thousands of people are now Matched Betting!

The Proof

1. You can ask 1000's of people directly if Matched Betting is 'for real' or not

There is no longer any need for you to take just our word for it that Matched Betting is a legit way to make some extra cash online.

You can instead join this Facebook Group and ask any of the thousands of people in there if it really works or not.

ASK THE 1000's

Mark did just this and got 136 responses!


2. You can browse 100's of VERIFIED reviews about Matched Betting on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a review website that, when possible, goes the extra mile to verify reviews are genuine and that they come from actual customers that have used a particular product or service. 

Although they can't do this for every customer review (as some people don't bother with verification or don't leave a review via the special automation tool), the fact they verify any reviews at all makes them a cut above most typical review sites. (Hugely popular travel review website TripAdvisor, for example, does not appear to verify if any reviews are from real customers).

At the time of writing, there are over 1000 verified customer reviews about Matched Betting and our services on Trustpilot.

These are from real people making money Matched Betting with us.

Let them help you make the decision as to whether this really works or not.  


Showing our 5-star reviews

3. You can read about Matched Betting on many major news sites

The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian was one of the first big, online news sites in the UK to report on Matched Betting:

5th June 2010: Free World Cup bets offer chance to beat the bookies

One of their readers, Jason Shearer, decided to give it a try too and made £770:

24th July 2010: Free bets mean you can clean up as bookies meet their match

The Telegraph

The Telegraph was also one of the first newspapers to do a feature about Matched Betting:

6th December 2010: Is this a bet you can't lose?

The Financial Times

Journalist Kate Allen picked up on the capabilities of Matched Betting via the online parenting forum Mumsnet. 

14th June 2018: Can mumsnet beat the gambling industry?

The Daily Mail & The Express - Who Have Featured 2 Of Our Very Own Members!

The Daily Mail readers appear to be big fans of Matched Betting, as it hasn't just been featured once, but THREE times since 2016.

One of their articles featured one of our very own members - Carlene! (This was back when we were known as Profit Accumulator)

3rd December 2019 - Student nurse, 27, who struggled to make ends meet made £30,000 in three years after spending just four hours a week gambling on sport online despite knowing 'nothing' about football or racing

(The other two articles are available here and here).

More recently, the Express has featured another one of our members - Tracy.

10th March 2023 - Hard-up mum helped clear ‘crippling debts’ after raking £15,000 through matched betting


4. You can see for yourself how everything works on your Free Trial

The whole point behind us offering a free trial that includes two full Matched Betting offers is so that you can see for yourself if it works or not without having to spend a penny for our services.

Basically, you don't have to trust our opinion as to whether this can make you money or not. You can trust your OWN opinion instead by doing one of the offers and seeing if you're in profit at the end or not. (You will be as long as you follow the guides!)

The trial includes video guides that walk you through every single step of how the process works. You can actually see in the videos Sam actually placing the bets at both Coral and Smarkets. 

If Matched Betting didn't work why would we offer this free trial and show you exactly how to do it? 

ON TOP of that when you do see it works and decide to upgrade, we ALSO offer a full 30-day refund. 

You can see the Refund Policy here.

It's not something we keep secret. Why?

Because Matched Betting works and is legit. We're confident you will make money with us.


5. You can phone and talk to real life people who are expert Matched Bettors

Full customer support is included in your free trial. That means you can talk on the phone to one of our experts 7 days a week anytime between 9-5 and ask them ANYTHING you like about Matched Betting and our services. 

Just call 0115 824 3730

There's no automated response, button-pressing nightmare system where it's impossible to talk to someone.

Nope - just one of our lovely team who will be more than happy to answer your questions and who will even tell you about how they started Matched Betting and help you complete your first offer if you ask. 

If you're not a fan of using the phone, no problem - you can also email them, speak to them on our website live chat or drop them a message in our Facebook Groups too.


Still Not Convinced?

Well, you don't have to even deposit any money until you're sure it works...

You're part of the Outplayed free trial already. That means you have access to all the introductory training, including some full walk-through videos of the Coral and Betfred signup offers.

If you've watched the videos and are still sceptical about actually depositing money into Smarkets and Coral and placing bets, then don't!

Just PRETEND to place them instead until you're certain about what you're doing, where your money will end up, and that you will end up with a profit.

How do you do this?

1. Set up your PocketBet exchange account, But don't deposit anything yet.

2. Sign up to Coral. Again, don't deposit anything yet.

3. Follow the instructions in this video guide - BUT just FAKE doing the bets.

Yep, that means doing everything in the video, including selecting a bet on the Oddsmatcher, inputting the stake amounts at Coral and Smarkets and then pretending you've done the bets. Write down what you expect to happen if the bet wins at Coral or if it loses at Coral and wins at Smarkets instead. What you write down should match what the Matched Betting calculator is telling you will happen. 

You can also screenshot these 'fake bets' to our customer services team and they can: 1) check they are correct for you, and 2) explain what the outcome will be if you're not 100% sure what will happen. 

If doing this you're best to send them via our website live chat service or via email. You can also screenshot your bets to the entire Facebook Community if you prefer to get the answer from our members.


Remember, at the end of the day, your free trial has no limit on it. If you're still unsure, there's no pressure to start now. Search more online, do more research, and ask more questions in our group and to our team.  We'll still be here and ready to help you when you're ready. After nearly a decade of teaching people how to make money with Matched Betting, we're not going anywhere!