What the “Offer Rating” means

We use a star rating system to illustrate how good our offers are. Remember that all of the offers we post are worth doing - even the offers with only one star. However, you should certainly prioritise the five star offers over all others. The stars mean different things depending on which section you're in.

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Five Stars:- The best offers, guaranteed profit, easy and quick. Examples: Bet365 £50 Inplay offer,

Four Stars:- Risk free offers, usually guaranteed profit but not always. Potentially more time consuming or just lower value.

Three Stars:- Great offers, but not always risk free, and potentially time consuming. Examples: Horse Racing Refunds, Acca Refunds, Low-Risk casino offers.

Two Stars:- Examples include: Medium risk Casino offers, Sports refund offers with a low chance of occurring. Any offers that are particularly time consuming, or those that depend on getting perfect matches.

One Star:- High risk Casino offers (or risk-free "No Deposit" casino offers with an extremely low chance of making any profit).